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Low Cost Pet Resources for Pet Owners in Texas

Low Cost Pet Resources for Pet Owners in Texas

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  1. Hi, I’m looking for a low cost clinic to have my puppy, 10mths old spayed. The only clinic that came up on this website was only for cats/ kittens.

  2. Hello – HELP!! I need someone to assist my dog who is about 6-7 yrs of age and constantly itching and very irritable and whines. I feel for her. When we first got her, we took her to Pet Smart and was not able to get her on the program until her problem/condition was under control which was costing in the hundreds of dollars. She was fine to a point. Is there an affordable clinic to get her checked? She is on Pet Smart program though it can be costly. She is up to date with her vaccines and has been given antibiotics twice and still nothing. Sure could use some advice and suggestions. Thank you and look forward to hearing from someone.

    • Hi Linda, You didn’t say what city you are located in (?). Has the vet ever checked her for allergies? My Maggie Mae went through a season where she was miserable with itching and scratching; I changed her food and that helped. One idea is to google the brand of dog food you feed her and allergies (like this “ABC Dog Food allergies” and see if you find anything. You might also google some of the ingredients and allergies. This can help you see if others report allergies resulting from specific food allergies. You can also google “dog food allergies” to learn more. That said, there can be other causes for itching; google “what causes dogs to itch” and you’ll find several good articles that discuss a variety of causes such as anxiety, boredom, parasites, etc. I hope you are able to get the cause identified very quickly and to help your baby girl feel better very soon!

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