Take Your Pet Adoption Message Further!

August 2, 2010

Best Practices for Animal Rescues Series


Hey Texas, did you know that you can SHARE ANY BLOG, PHOTO or VIDEO on our website across many platforms including email? Below EACH blog, photo, video (etc.) is a “SHARE” link.
Click “share” and you have the opportunity to share on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and several other social networking sites – in addition to easily sharing by email! If you wish to promote animals in need, having a blog (with photo/video capabilities) on our site helps you to post once and share in multiple locations – AND, for others to share your content as well. Please take advantage of this nifty tool to reach even more people w/ your msg!

Once you click on “Share” (as shown in the photo above) … you’ll see the pop-up window (shown below). This will allow you to email, post on Facebook, Twitter, or other sites! Use this for your own message, as well as the blog message, photos, videos, etc. posted by others!

By utilizing this great tool, we all work more efficiently and effectively in getting the word out about animals in need – as well as sharing helpful resources, cute photos and videos with others in our network!


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