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Texas Shelter Pets Star in Animal Planet Puppybowl XII

Texas Shelter Puppies in Puppybowl XII

Texas Rescue Pups to Star in Puppybowl XII Several adorable Texas shelter rescue puppies are taking the field this Sunday, February 7 at 2pm CST  in Animal Planet’s Puppybowl XII! As Team Ruff takes on Team Fluff, the canine cuteness will rumble, tumble, and fumble their way into the hearts of millions of viewers! Ranger,
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Texas Rescue Dog Makes It Big!

Rescue Dog Saved from Shelter kill list and Adopted

28 April 2013 SMALL TOWN TEXAS RESCUE DOG MAKES IT BIG IN NEW YORK! Remember Chester, the adorable black dog, at the Wise County shelter? Day after day, week after week, month after month passed, and there he sat at the shelter until he hit the kill list. Volunteers saved him by taking him to
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Animal Rescue Foster Recruitment Tip


26 June 2012  Do you need more foster homes for your animal rescue group or animal shelter? Check out the creative way Lone Star Boxer Rescue is raising awareness for their Foster need. They created eye-catching flyers they have posted in a local vet’s office, and share a link on their Facebook page where friends and volunteers
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The Gift of Transformation – An Animal Shelter Volunteer’s Story


Guest Post by Alyssa – Bastrop County Animal Shelter Volunteer – January 8, 2012 Why We Volunteer: a Mother’s Journey to Reclaim her Son 2011 brought a lot of heartache and pain for me. I tell this story only so that you will understand the transformation that has taken place in Gabe. My son, Gabe,
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