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Animal Rescue: Visual Story Telling Tips for Success

How Visual Story Telling Helps Animal Rescue

25 April 2014 In 2011, my friend Rekka who was a volunteer with a local rescue shared this video she’d made of Norah’s rescue. Rekka, JP, and Pat had been trying to save this dear dog from life on the streets for months. They often held their breath with knots in their stomachs as they
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Creating a No Kill Animal Shelter & Community!

How to Create a No Kill Animal Shelter photo

25 April 2014 Increasing Shelter Pet Adoptions Each year, 3-4 million still die in animal shelters. Yet, 17 million people will add a new pet to their family. People often feel defeated that it’s an “overpopulation” issue and sad that the beautiful, adoptable shelter pets must die. Far too long, we’ve accepted the myth that there
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The Homeless Pet Project – sneak peek!

Homeless Pet Project logo

25 October 2013 The Homeless Pet Project – Coming Soon! I’m excited to announce The Homeless Pet Project is coming very soon! I’ve been working on this website since March and it has wonderful resources to help communities increase pet adoptions, promote spay/neuter and much, much more! The resources include videos from the 2013 Pets
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Increasing Pet Adoptions & Live Release Rates

Puppy advocates for homeless animals

23 October 2013 In animal rescue, you’ll find some of the biggest hearts and most compassionate people you could ever hope to meet. But sadly, there is also way too much drama and unfounded attacks that continually rip through the community. I especially see it whenever the no kill discussion comes up. Since launching Pawsitively
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Spay And Neuter Your Pet: Your City. Your Pet

spay neuter pets to build a no kill community

18 September 2013 A TIMELESS MESSAGE for every single community! Do you believe we have a responsibility to care for animals? To leave the world a better place than we found it? I do. Changing the world starts with a first step – and is often much easier than we think. Little things matter. Like
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Mission Pets Alive – The Programs That ARE Working To Save Shelter Pets!

Pets Alive Photo

8 February 2013 MISSION: PETS ALIVE! If you are interested in learning more about programs that increase the live release rate of shelter pets, you will not want to miss this amazing workshop on March 23, 2013! Inspirational people. Innovative programs. Increased live release rates. We have what is needed to continue to save the
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The No Kill Animal Sheltering Momentum Continues

2 February 2013 VA COMMUNITY SEEKS TO GO NO KILL: “The Martinsville-Henry County SPCA is launching a campaign to make Henry County a “No Kill” community by 2015.” Read More: East Ridge Animal Services (TN) Adopts “No Kill Equation” Policy “Beginning with the new year, East Ridge Animal Services is adopting the “No Kill Equation”
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How Seagoville Animal Shelter Became No Kill

Sgt Karl Bailey Seagoville Animal Shelter

September 17, 2012 Police Veteran Makes Open-Admission Animal Shelter No Kill & Ends Gas Chamber When police veteran Sgt. Karl Bailey was appointed over the animal shelter in Seagoville, Texas, he used his position to make two bold changes. 1. He said he would not kill animals. 2. He dismantled the gas chamber and used
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Five Lessons Learned from the Fort Worth Animal Shelter Scramble

networking to save fort worth animal shelter pets

July 12, 2012 Late in the day yesterday, the Fort Worth Animal Shelter announced a kill list of about 80 pets that had until 8:00pm. I saw the posts after 4:00pm – a time Facebook activity drops off as people finish the workday and prepare for dinner. Like many others, Pawsitively Texas got behind the
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I Can’t Imagine the Pain …


July 11, 2012 Animal lovers and advocates around the world mourn today the passing of Lennox. I can’t imagine the pain the family is experiencing. Two years ago, a family dog was seized by the Belfast, Ireland city officials because they had deemed him a “dangerous dog  breed.” The council called him a pit bull
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