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A Home for Every Animal Shelter Pet

Ford is a 13 year old Rottweiler dog rescued from a Texas animal shelter and adopted in Michigan (photo).

26 January 2013 A 13 year old black dog was surrendered to a Texas animal shelter; he did not do well with this sudden life change and became in danger of being killed. The situation looked bleak for Ford, an older Rottweiler gent of 13. However, because of passionate volunteers who spend time online sharing
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Abandoned Dog Saved Because of Facebook Post

Facebook post saves the life of a Texas shelter dog

29 December 2013 On December 23, I shared a beautiful, but thin dog Aransas County shelter volunteers called Trixie. It was yet another sad story of a wonderful dog in need of someone willing to adopt her into their heart and home.  The post read … TRIXIE HOPES & PRAYS FOR A LOVING HOME that
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Shelter Dog Adopted in His Final Hours!

Scared shelter dog adopted in final hours!

4 December 2013 Too Scared for Adoptions, Pippi’s Future Looked Bleak On November 27, I shared Pippi, an adorable little Dachshund, “too scared for adoptions” at the Arlington, Texas animal shelter, and he was on the kill list for 2pm that day. As much as I DISLIKE posting pets with only a few hours left
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Abandoned Dog Finds A Home

Abandoned dog adopted after photo went viral on Pawsitively Texas on Facebook

3 December 2013 Good Samaritan Saves Abandoned Dog; Pawsitively Texas Networkers Help Find A Home! The plea came to Facebook for a little dog that had been found tied to a tree at an abandoned house and I shared the adorable, little one on the Pawsitively Texas Facebook page on November 25. Barbara wrote “There were
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Waggin’ Tails – Texas Pet Adoption & Rescue Updates! 09/29/2013

A dog named Frankie was adopted from the Joshua, Texas animal shelter on the last day of his life!

29 September 2013 Celebrating Texas Pet Adoptions & Animal Rescues! One of my goals for Pawsitively Texas has always been to share the good news of pet adoptions and rescues. I hope you like this new feature to the PawsTexas blog and will not only share with others, but will also share your good news
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Look At Molly Now!

Molly the rescue dog photo

January 10, 2012 On January 6, Animal Advocates of North Texas posted this message on the Pawsitively Texas Facebook page: “URGENT! Molly is a sweet, energetic senior dog who is hoping to find a loving home soon. When she arrived at the shelter as a stray staff were able to track her owner thanks to
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Waggin’ Tail The Rescue of Dash and Toby


November 28, 2011 Remember the story of Dash and Toby? Over the holiday weekend, we met them through a post on the Pawsitively Texas Facebook page and their story, like so many, really touched our collective hearts – and everyone got to work networking them. For some reason, Dash and Toby’s owner was moving and
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The Success of Networking Pets on Pawsitively Texas

Networking pets saves lives austin lab

October 5, 2011 WAGGIN’ TAIL! Karen posted this found dog yesterday and I shared to the newsfeed because our community is so great about networking lost and found pets! I also did a google search for “lost dog south austin craigslist” – and BOOM! I found a post that seemed to match this cute boy. Karen
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Missing for 287 Days – Cheeto’s Story

May 15, 2011 Now this is a story to celebrate! Thank you Jeanne for posting this wonderful update to Cheeto’s story on our Facebook Page. As Jeanne says, she shared Cheeto’s plight last year on our Pawsitively Texas Facebook Page and many folks networked and prayed for his safe return. But good news never came.
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Miracles Still Happen – Shelter Dog with 90 Minutes Left To Live

Shelter Dog in Longivew

April 7, 2011 I really struggle with the some of the posts I publish to the newsfeed. This morning, I got online very early and saw one of Genia’s posts that a 3 month old puppy had only until 8:00 am to be saved. That was only 90 minutes away from the time I read
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