Testimonials – What People Are Saying About Pawsitively Texas

“Thank you so much for sharing, Alva, the shelter is full. I really appreciate you and your friends!” – Wendy Lenze, Pasadena Poodle Patch – November 19, 2014

“Eleany, renamed CeeCee, is safe and comfortable and in need of a foster while she gains some weight, then she’s ready for adoption. All 12 of her babies are in foster and soon will be ready for adoption!! Thank you Operation Kindness, Animal Advocates of North Texas, Pawsitively Texas, and all the wonderful people that jumped in willing to foster, donate, and do all that they could to save this family!” – Michelle Koble – June 28, 2014

“Dear Pawsitively Texas, Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do in finding forever homes for these precious little souls! We drove 4 hours there and back to adopt the new member of our family Zoe pictured in the middle. If everyone knew what love and joy these fur babies bring into our lives, they would adopt! Zoe can’t stop licking and snuggling us!!!! As if to show how very grateful she is!!! And we are so grateful for you and Second Chance Rescue in Mason Texas! Your Compassion is inspiring! We share your posts and pray for all of you daily. With love from the Blaze Family” – May 18, 2014

“Happy Easter Alva!! Thank you for your wonderful page and all the lives you help to save!” – Amelia Rush, April 21, 2014

“Y’all have the best animal adoption site I have seen.” – John Heron, April 17, 2014

From Levelland Animal Friends March 21, 2014
“Thank you for recognizing us!!!” – Rene’ Hill
“Thank you for sharing our page! Love Pawsitively Texas, and so proud of all the great work you do!” – Susan Kauffman
“Thanks Pawsitively Texas for sharing our fur babies page!!” – Leesa Bonner Shannon
“Logan, the Heeler/Corgi Mix was adopted last night!” – Levelland Animal Friends
“Thanks for the love — I work closely with these guys, and it is absolutely THE BEST and THE CLEANEST city shelter I’ve ever seen. The dogs are like family to every employee and volunteer.” – Lynda Reid

“We have more than DOUBLED our page’s likes today! Thank you and welcome to everyone that has joined our page and a special thanks to Pawsitively Texas for sharing a post about our little shelter and helping so many new people find us and share our adoptable animals! We have much to be thankful for!”- Luling Animal Welfare Society – LAWS November 27, 2013

“So happy for you Elvis! Thanks to everyone who helped get the word out about him. And a huge Thank You to, Pawsitively Texas, for all y’all do for our furfamily! I am in tears! (Happy tears) ” – Debra Hanna – November 20, 2013

” I have tears in my eyes for the wonderful good work you are doing, saving all these wonderful lives. GOD WOULD BE PLEASED. May GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU, ANGELS OF MERCY.” – Jonna A Chambers – 20 November 2013

“Thank you Alva and Pawsitively Texas for helping us spread the word about Pet Rescue Rx. Every dollar we can save on advertising is more we will be able to give back. Everyone thank you. From our hearts we hope to be able to support the volunteers and staff at shelters and rescues across the country to continue their great work. Have a wonderful evening.” – Glenn Buckley, DVM Pet Rescue Rx, November 12, 2013

“Wow is all I can say and a heartfelt thank you to Corridor Rescue and Pawsitively Texas for bringing it to our attention. So thankful for saving sweet pumpkin.” – Charlotte Ransleben – November 7, 2013

“Thank you to Pawsitively Texas for giving our rescue a shout out!” – Rescued Souls, Inc. – Novemer 7, 2013

“I run the Pets at Ft. Bend Animal Control page! Thank you so much Alva for posting this!!!” – Kelsey Adams, November 1, 2013

“Special thanks to Austin Pets Alive! @ austinpetsalive.org and Pawsitively Texas for working with me to help a disabled woman on a fixed income with her dog’s upcoming $1k vet bill.” – Victor Del Rio – October 30, 2013

“Through this page, My husband & I adopted Kai from Urgent Animals of Hearne Robertson County Texas, where Deb is truly making a difference. His is a pit/lab (?) mix, now around 13 weeks, with 4 fur siblings, enjoying ranch life!” – April Reynolds – October 28, 2013

“Thanks Pawsitively Texas for sharing the precious picture of the red Cairn Terrier mix. It’s because of your post that another sweet dog has a forever home. I saw Obie’s post and tracked him down through DFW RESCUE ME. He is now my newly adopted fur kid. I’ve named him Landry.” – Susan Shannon – October 19, 2013

September 4 is Maggie Mae’s birthday; she is the inspiration for Pawsitively Texas. In looking at what we’ve accomplished, and the true gift we have in social media to help homeless animals, I wrote a post (click here) and shared our photo (I’m usually very behind the scenes). I was overwhelmed by the replies readers shared. Here are some that truly touched my heart:

“Maggie Mae would be so proud of her mommy!”
Sandy Changuin Salazar – September 4, 2013

“Happy birthday from DFW Beagle Buddies, Maggie Mae! Thank you for being such a beautiful inspiration to your mama! We  her and all she does for the animals! ” – Amy BeagleRescue Warner  – September 4, 2013

“What a cute picture. Sorry you lost her. If your like me, then I know it still hurts sometimes. It’s been 10 years for me, and I still break down occasionally (usually at the weirdest times and in pubic places- jeeesssh). I’ve just started getting involved with local animal shelters and rescues, but you all are an inspiration to me. Thanks!” David Ball – September 4, 2013

“So awesome and inspiring!!!! I took in my first foster pet ever from seeing a post on your page Alva! Sweet Bones from San Antones….he’s a true gem that almost fell through the cracks of society and now we are on the search for his furever home  He thanks YOU!!!!!” – Ann Marie Szabo – September 4, 2013

Pawsitively Texas helped me to find my dog Patio 2 1/2 yrs ago from a rural shelter in OK. I love him. He became my inspiration to help rescue, foster and rehome 20 dogs in the past 2 years. Pawsitively Texas has helped in that endeavour, and Facebook is invaluable in getting the word out. Thank you for this wonderful site and for continuing the good fight. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2472939298392&set=a.1552692092787.2073659.1099684849&type=3&theater
Anne Somerfeld – September 4, 2013

“Thank you Alva. The first Bastrop dog Pawsitively helped me save was a little beagle  Bastrop had a rough year this year, But things are better now with the new Director and for the first time in History Bastrop shelter opened there doors on a holiday Monday. The Manager and the Volunteers worked that day and we had 16 live out comes that day. If it wasn’t for social media no one would of even know Bastrop shelter was even there.” Lorraine Joy – September 4, 2013

“You have helped the dogs at Wise County Animal Shelter beyond measure. Thanks for always caring and sharing!” Pitty Maven – September 4, 2013

“U got girl thank you for all you do for these poor babies we need more like you … but you are the best really these little ones need help all the time there are not enough words to say THANK YOU” Marie A Gesualdo-Dries – September 4, 2013

“Thank you for starting this page and allowing all of us to get the word out in record time.” Diana Turner – September 4, 2013

“You’re amazing and it’s nice to see the face behind this wonderful organization! Thanks for the stats! i don’t live in TX anymore but still have friends there so share when I can. God bless you and your team!” Pat Allsebrook – September 4, 2013

“Beautiful Pic, Beautiful Person, and Beautiful Dog. Texas is so blessed to have this page to network all these wonderful animals that need help!” Patty Lepley Alexander – September 4, 2013

“Love you Alva! I miss my boy but he gave me so much love like your Maggie did. Thank you for what you do.” Debbie Harrell – September 4, 2013

“What a beautiful dog. She reminds me of my Haley, who has also passed, but lives in my heart daily. Thank you, Alva, for all your support and giving voice to those who speak up for animal care and NEED to be heard by the uncaring and ignorant.” Michelle Ferrer – September 4, 2013

“I’m so sorry for your loss. This is such a heartwarming picture. She was an adorable girl. Thank you so much for the work you do to help these dogs. You are a very caring person !!!!!!!!!!!” Diane Lund – September 4, 2013

“Thanks for all you do to save animals. Everyone is precious and made by the hand of God!” Cynthia Malnar Jones – September 4, 2013

“What a blessing you are to the animals and each community that you help. Thank you.” Mimi Thompson – September 4, 2013

THANK YOU ALVA and Pawsitively Texas! We attended your workshop last year and this year we came back as a NEW non profit/animal advocacy group! We are ROCKIN and ROLLIN! Appreciate all your efforts…you are helping SO many groups like us get things moving!
Parker County Pets Alive – March 28, 2013

Thank you so much for sharing xoxo  Your page is a huge inspiration and what motivated me to make mine, although mine is quite small and humble  ~ Also these cuties are at the Jackson County Animal Shelter in Gautier, Mississippi. Mississippi Animals In NEED – May 31, 2013.

A huge giant THANK YOU for the signal boost from Pawsitively Texas! We love all the great, inspirational work you do, and are thankful for the support as we work to help dogs, help people – Cait/Ministry of Dog – February 16, 2013

Your site is a true blessing!! Thank you for all you do.
Kelly Keeton Plessala – January 29, 2013

I truly enjoy this site, it makes my day to be able to help post some of these little guys. I am not able to do much, but this I can and will continue to do is to SHARE.
Virginia Asselin – January 29, 2013

Thanks to you, I know about the small rescue groups so I work hard at friending them and networking their pets!
Sharon Lawrence – January 29, 2013

Wonderful news – look at that smile! – and I am in awe of all that you do. I almost always share dogs you post on my FB page, and I am always hopeful that it will help these babies find happy homes. Blessings on you all!
Julie Clemens – January 29, 2013

We love your page and share your vision against killing animals. We work to ensure all our animals find loving homes. Thank you for all you do!!!!”
Ty Harrell Tillman Stephens County Animal Shelter – Breckingridge, TX –January 25, 2013

Thank you Pawsitively Texas for your help!!!
Lisa-Renee Barton – January 25, 2013

We found Huey off of this page. He is home and happy. What a great dog!
Kim Auvenshine – January 16

Thank you Alva, Pawsitively Texas and all who like their posts for exposure. Your dedication and determination to helping animals is very much appreciated. Keep up the great work y’all.
Helen Oberbeck – January 16, 2013

Thank you sooooo much! We really needed that help! We really do appreciate all the support and love we are getting again, thank you! THANK YOU Pawsitively Texas for all the new supporters yesterday!
ColdSpring Stars – January 6, 2013

Just a happy update on this dog… her owners saw this post and she is now home and happy!
Elizsha Solarion – January 4, 2013

Thank you to Alva and Pawsitively Texas from all of us at Rockwall Pets for a wonderful year!
Michael Kitkoski – December 31, 2012

Hi Alva!
Thank you so much for your continued support! The Bastrop Shelter Pets truly appreciate it and we can not thank you enough! We will contact Linda, thanking her, but we would also like to express our gratitdue to you.

Your wonderful efforts to support the pets in Bastrop County have helped tremendously. Your page has saved the lives of so many and because of this we wanted to take a second to commend you for your wonderful work.Thank you so much!
Jeremy Parks
Co-Founder / President
of Urgent Animals At Bastrop County Animal Shelter, Inc. – December 30, 2012

I’m the one who set up the page for NAS (Nolanville Animal Services) and trying to get some help out there for Bob….I cannot thank you enough for the show of support just today!!!! The population is around 4,000….still pretty small though!!!! I didn’t think there was that many in that tiny town!!! There’s not even a stop light there!! Thank you soooo much for helping to spread the word!!!
Tracie Savage – July 18, 2012

Thank You, Pawsitively Texas, for sharing Channing! You are the Shelter Dogs, ANGEL!
Pasadena Poodle Patch – July 17, 2012

You are doing such a great job, a big inspiration for me!
ACO Cilla Wichmann – July 5, 2012

I love your page!
Sandy Godsey – July 4, 2012

Love your site! god bless you
Jeannie Misener – July 4, 2012

I absolutely LOVE and ADMIRE your spirit, determination and super energetic attitude!! You believe we will be a no-kill nation and it shows! I believe, too!!
Robin Carter-Oliveros – July 4, 2012

I love your posts!! Thank you for your tireless efforts to try to get these precious Texas babies adopted~Y’ALL ROCK!!!
Robin Levine Dliworth – July 1, 2012

I would like to thank Alva for sharing the article this morning! My email and FB blew up with nice words and comments! I made a page to post things from my view. Feel free to like the page and follow the progress behind the scene! Terrell, TX ACO Cilla Wichmann – July 1, 2012

Thank you so much for sharing the Harker Heights Pets They had several adoptions since. Facebook seems to be the only exposure for the pets there. The shelter is very small and some people don’t even know it exists. You rock! Thank you so much.
Simone Crossposter – June 3, 2012

I have been a volunteer with the SM Animal Shelter for over 2 years. I’m also the one that created this page for the shelter since we were getting zero publicity. I can’t explain how much I appreciate everyone’s support! The furry babies at the shelter thank you as well! Thank you, Pawsitively Texas, for sharing! Casey Stephenson – April 22, 2012

If not for Pawsitively Texas I wouldn’t have known about and attended the No Kill Workshop as just a regular everyday animal lover. If not for Pawsitively Texas I wouldn’t have fostered my first dog after the tornadoes. If not for Pawsitively Texas I wouldn’t have become a possible foster failure because I am Pawsitively in love. Thank you for everything you do. I mean that from the bottom of my heart ♥ (Tucker thanks you too!)
Susanna Baker – April 16, 2012

She (Sophie, Wise County shelter) found a loving home with us and is very happy bonding with our other dogs and with our son. What a wonderful job you guys do networking these dogs. Thank you.
Olga Sojo Smith – January 11, 2012

THANK YOU so much Pawsitively Texas for your continued support to our quiet, little shelter. WE are filling up TODAY so all shares and help given through your page is SO very appreciated!
Town of Hickory Creek Animal Shelter – January 13, 2012

GREAT NEWS!! RUFFLES WAS JUST ADOPTED… THIS NETWORKING THING IS AMAZING AND IT DOES GET THEM ADOPTED. We are so grateful to you PT for your efforts in supporting and assisting these voiceless creatures in finding homes! Without the network of people working nigh and day on these postings these stories would be few and far between. WE are grateful to you and the animals REALLY appreciate the help in finding their furever homes! God Bless you all!
Karen Scruggs – January 13, 2012

Just read the story, and I just smile! Thanks so much Pawsitively Texas for what you do!!! I’m sad that her owners decided they no longer wanted her, but I am so HAPPY because of you she found a wonderful home!!!!
Tracy Fulmer Heller – January 15, 2011

Thank you for networking the shelter here in Bastrop and other shelters! Your FB and website is absolutely awesome!
Greta McKee Frusha – April 25, 2012

I am a new FB follower of Pawsitively Texas and must say the blog produced by this group is one of the most enlightening I’ve ever seen on animal rescue, shelters, tolerance and so much more. I’ve signed on for the Pawsitively Texas Blog feed and look forward to learning more about this most professional and level headed group! Thanks! – Antoinette Smalley, March 12, 2012

The following comments were posted on the Facebook.com/PawsTexas Wall in the days following our March 10, 2012 DFW No Kill Workshop …

Sherry Lynn Brundrett Chilcote: Wonderful NO KILL Workshop. Thank you so much for hosting it and giving us all a Community to Network and Share. I would not be a part of this effort if it wasn’t for Pa

Elisabeth White: Thank you Pawsitively Texas, Austin Pets Alive!, No Kill Nation, Seagoville Animal Shelter, Rockwall Pets & everyone else involved for an amazing, inspiring workshop today!! I cannot wait until Fort Worth and Dallas are no kill as well. No Kill Fort Worth & No Kill Dallas will be there soon :).

Carol Knight Alva, thank you so very much for the extremely informative/wonderful seminar you hosted to day in Addison. Your successful efforts are greatly appreciated. Carol

Jennifer Craighead Barnes: Thank u for a great day!!

Danalee Telkamp Evenson: Thank you for a wonderful, inspiring day, Alva! You and all your speakers ROCK!

Pets Are For Life, Inc: Thank you so much for putting together such an awesome day! We learned a lot and had a great time!

Terrell Pet Adoption Center: ‎Pawsitively Texas pulled of a great non-kill workshop today! Got a lot of inspiration and ideas! We need more connections so please help us getting more ‘likes’!!!

Daniela Dixon: Thanks so much for a wonderful No-KIll workshop today! One, by one, city by city, Texas wil be NO KILL ♥

Parker Paws: Thank you for hosting the No Kill Conference and bringing so many of us together, and especially the great group of speakers. Very positive and informative.

Sissy Crossposting: The conference was AWESOME! Thanks!

Rockwall Pets: We’re overjoyed to have made so many new friends at today’s DFW No Kill Conference sponsored by Pawsitively Texas. It was a fantastic day!

Amanda Schilling Brice: Thanks for putting on the workshop today. Y’all did a great job!

TNR4BedfordTX: What an educational conferance! I hope to apply what I have learned to help share with Bedford TX, the city I lived in for 18 years, how to embrace the live outcome measure……including TNR in Bedford Texas! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience and giving us grassroots inspiration!

Kim Thiehoff: The conference was great, the people are awesome, the speakers were amazing! I appreciate all that was done for us today…I learned so much. Thank you one and all!

Texoma Pets Alive:  Amazing job on the workshop today, Alva! Thanks so much for all your hard work.

Leticia Perez Beauchamp: The conference was wonderful – so informative! And the speakers were great! Thank you so very much for hosting this conference! Hoping for amazing things to happen with shelters!

Pam Abbe Kitkoski: Awesome workshop today! Thanks Pawsitively Texas for all the hard work you did putting this together!! This is what it is all about, the sharing information between compassionate people who want to save lives!

Jill VanLaningham: Thanks for a GREAT day today!!! That was an excellent conference!

Erin Sanders Glenn It was wonderful! Thank you, Alva, for hosting it. You did an awesome job!!

Kayla Alvarez Harmon Yes it was Great Alva! Thank you!

Mark Walker: Amazing job on getting the conference ready in such a short time. Since I’m a newbie it was very informative and inspiring. I got to shake the hand of my hero, Nathan Winograd. Well worth being up for 24 hours. Just got back to Houston due to heavy rains.

PET A PIT BULL: what a great conference today ! thank you alva and all the speakers, met some great people today, for those i didnt get a chance to say hi to feel free to come check out my page 🙂 great day !!! glad i was able to go , thank you alva and shannon

Christina Arriaga: Thank you for pulling the workshop together. You had a great variety of speakers who were all educational, passionate & inspiring.

Helping Paws of North Texas: We would like to thank you for hosting the No Kill conference. It was absolutely AWESOME. We attended along with our Shelter manager/ACO Mark and Tracey, another of our ACO’s. It was a great learning experience and the speakers were fantastic. This sold out event shows the committment so many of us have to the NO KILL Movement and changes we must implement to make this a reality in Texas and the whole country. I hope we have a conference here again next year. Thank you, Pawsitively Texas, for all that you do to help animals! ~Marilyn Fry~

Cilla Daimilus WichmannI can only join in and agree! It was great! Next year I will ask/force our chief to join.

Cherie Batsel It was awesome wasn’t it. LOVE that your shelter manager and ACOs attended!!

Positive Outcome Chihuahua Rescue-POCR Alva, Thank you for all of your hard work at yesterdays No Kill event! Meeting everyone was great!! Melissa Stiles-Longoria

Debbie Wolfe: Once in a while, it’s helpful to get my head outside my own little corner of the world. I want to thank Nathan Winograd, Ellen Jefferson from Austin Pets Alive!, Michael Kitkoski from Rockwall Pets, Sgt. Karl Bailey from the Seagoville Animal Shelter, Cheryl Schneider from the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter, Patty Lepley Alexander, and Alva Logsdon Cranford, the force behind Pawsitively Texas, for putting on the enjoyable, inspiring, and very informative DFW No Kill Workshop yesterday. The speakers represented a good balance between changing the system from within & changing it from without. I came away with at least several ideas for how I can personally help increase live outcomes from my local animal shelters. I do believe that is what all of us want. Again, thank you!

Tamara Kokila DeSanchez: The NO KILL Conference was an absolute INSPIRING eye opener. I learned SO MUCH about who’s out there, what’s being done, what I, WE, can do to help, and I’m insipred by these AMAZING people who spoke & participated.
What I think I picked up that is most valuable to ME is that EVERY ONE, (other than death eminent illness/issues) of these animals is ‘saveable’ and that there ARE resources in the community for even the ‘most hopeless’ cases. All that’s needed is EDUCATION & COMPASSION.
Thank you so much for ALL YOU DO!
~~Tamara S., Friends of Arlington (TX) Animal Services Volunteer

Melissa Boesch: Many thanks for putting together the No Kill Workshop. Informative and inspirational. Lots of work required to pull off an event like that and you did a great job.

No Kill Arlington: What an amazing day yesterday at the DFW No Kill Conference. We learned so much! We had more than 12 people from Arlington and everyone was inspired. Will share more of what we learned. The speakers were amazing and it was great to meet 300+ others from our area that are dedicated to seeing a future of No Kill in this country.

No Kill Fort Worth: DFW No Kill Workshop in Addison, TX. We learned much more and get clarity on some things we needed to define. Our next stop is Fort Worth City Council, Tuesday, March 20th at 10am. Can you join us?

NoKill DentonCounty: Thanks to Alva & our wonderful speakers at yesterday’s conference. I was charged to meet all of the hardworking, compassionate attendees. If you are ever in Denton County & want to speak at a Council meeting about saving animals, I make the circuit & would LOVE another voice!

Emily Rose Godlevsky: We had a wonderful time at the No-Kill (Or shall we say, Live-Outcome!) conference. Thank you so much for setting it up, and hosting it, and to all the amazing sponsors who helped make it even more awesome! My only disappointment of the day was that by the time I got to the shirt tables there were no more mediums, or smalls, and the large is way too big on me! *G*
*** end of DFW No Kill Workshop commnets ***

34,722 people can’t be wrong! Just wanted to take a bit of time to say “thank you” for being a driving force for change in Texas! You have made a difference! Thank you for the sacrifices you make to make Pawsitively Texas a life saver!
Sharon Lawrence – March 2, 2012

Thank you SO much for your support of the Team Bedford ~ Bedford Animal Shelter page! The two sisters have been tagged by DFW Lab Rescue – YAY!
Maryann, Team Bedford Page Admin – March 1, 2012

Pawsitively Texas, you should have the rose of the day! Thanks to your sharing of our post the Schnauzers Billa & Greta just returned to their owner!!!
Terrell Pet Adoption Center – February 29, 2012

A lot of our facebook fans probably found us via the Pawsitively Texas facebook page. We are huge fans of Pawsitively Texas and now they’ve been nominated for a social media award! Please click on this link to vote and show your support, they have been instrumental in saving so many lives. At TMHPR we have found fosters, adopters and donators when crossposting our pets in need on the Pawsitively Texas fb page and are very thankful for their ongoing support!
Take Me Home Pet Rescue – February 19, 2012

Last year at this time I was admitted to a health care facility after falling asleep with my feet next to a space heater. I was homeless at the time and could not care for myself properly. My greatest concern at that time was finding a foster for my dog Breeze. Thanks to the incredibly quick work of the folks here and Texas Cattle dog rescue a foster was found for Breeze much to my relief. Now a year later other health problems have shown up and I will not be able to get my Little girl back. I do know that Breeze has bonded with the man that is fostering her and she is loved , warm and safe I cannot ask for more. Thank You!
Robert Hall – February 16, 2012

Thanks to Pawsitively Texas’ site for sharing all the news on Choo Choo!
Trinity GAP Club – February 11, 2012

Joanne Little nominated Pawsitively Texas for the Statesmen Social Media Award on February 11, 2012 – the following are the votes and comments our Page subscribers posted in support of PawsTexas! So kind! Thanks Joanne!

There should be a rating of 1 million stars for this group. I have not found any other group that goes above and beyond their mission. I have found more help, other groups and made more like minded friends through their vigilant communications than any other group I know of. Their purpose doesn’t stop at Texas borders. Pawsitively Texas also connects us to many other rescuers nation wide. Their viligent communications have saved many hundreds of lives and mad quality of life for not just the rescued pets but also the lives of pet owners, rescuers and volunteers so much better.” – Joanne Little2/11/2012

Pawsitively Texas saves lives every day, spreading hope and compassion. Logistically, having a “go-to” place to post animals in need greatly increases their chances of getting help. I support this nomination without any reservation.” – Linda Borchert, 2/11/2012

Totally dedicated to saving innocent animals from being euthanized. Very hard working and dedicated. I recommend Pawsitively Texas for first place as the top social media user.” – Sharon Clark, 2/11/2012

“A truly great group!” – Vivian Emert,  2/11/2012
“Great group, doing wonderful work to save animals!” – Pam Meerbrey, 2/11/201

“I am in Australia and love Pawsitively Texas. The work they do is wonderful and some Australian rescues over here could really take a page out of their caring book! I’ve never come across such a wonderful caring group who strives so much to make sure that the animals will be well taken care of and loved by their new owners before and am proud to have gotten to know them on facebook. – Tracy Pi, 2/11/2012

“They do amazing work and they are making a real difference for homeless animals. I wish all animal groups were this effective.” – Maggie Durham, 2/11/2012

“Pawsitively Texas goes beyond being a social media site… they have coordinated and setup the North Texas No Kill Workshop offering many the opportunity to learn to implment No Kill strategies within their communities. Pawsitively Texas provides info, updates and assistance and serves as a key info base for all things No Kill in Texas!” – John Conwell, 2/11/201

“The admins of Pawsitively Texas are always on standby, and are very diligent in sharing all the animals that pour in day and night. Being an admin of just a local page myself, I know that this is extremely time consuming. I have had excellent result through this page finding fosters, transport and potential adopters. I would think they probably save several hundred animal lives in a month, not a year…” – Liz Rainey, 2/11/2012

“I support Pawsitively Texas because of their tireless energy in promoting all animal rescue venues from individual animal cross postings to education and conferences. Animal rescuers get so caught up in rescuing, many do not have time to post information. Pawsitively Texas is able to do it all and their efforts are much needed and appreciated. They are the hub of many Texas rescue spokes and we need that connection and to stay centered. Pawsitively Texas is the light at the end of the never-ending animal rescue tunnel.” – Janis Silveri, 2/11/2012

“Absolutely WONDERFUL source, helping both animals and humans. They deserve recognition and encouragement.” – Annie Hopfensperger, 2/11/2012

“Pawsitively Texas connects all the rescues, shelters and all the people striving to rescue animals together in one place. They have saved thousands of lives thru the networking efforts and information. I am proud to have been a networker for this group for the past year. We have to stand up and speak for those that aren’t able to stand and speak for themselves. People made the over population problem and it is our fault that literally millions of innocent animals are put to death each year. People are the only ones that can fix it. Thanks to Pawsitively Texas, more people are aware, educated and in touch with help.” – Chris Cross, 2/11/2012

“I  have become involved personally at the local level with my city’s animal shelter thanks to the influence of the wonderful, hard-working group of people at Pawsitively Texas. Our family has even rescued a dog from our shelter. Their reach extends far and wide as people share these helpless creatures who, through no fault of their own, have ended up in a shelter. I am truly inspired by the unwavering spirit and compassion of this group!” – Kelley Mercer, 2/11/2012

“Pawsitively Texas is a wonderful social network that brings folks together from all over the country to save animals. They also educate the public in the right way about how to help save pets and treat them appropriately. They are one of the most awesome groups out there.” – Nancy Sheffield 2/11/2012

“This is a wonderful organization that does so much to not only improve and save the lives of animals in the state of Texas but everywhere. I am truly grateful to Pawsitively Texas and all their hardwork that makes a difference to so many.” – Tammie Hagood, 2/11/2012

“This one Facebook page is responsible for saving thousands of lives. It creates a place to share urgent animals around the entire state and so many are ultimately rescued from urgent situations. It has such a huge reach and positive impact on the animal rescue community. It basically united all the groups and rescuers in Texas on one page. It is professional, well organized, and compassionate.” – Kelli Eaves, 2/11/2012

“very deserving group,saving lives of animals in need…” – Lee Wheatley, 2/11/2012

“Great networker of pets in need in Texas.” – Krissa Denning, 2/11/2012

“Their networking of animals in need saves lives every day.” – Melissa Boesch, 2/11/2012

“This organization came on strong to unite us all. Lives are saved, rescues are networked and the public at large gets excellent information.” – Lee Lutz, 2/11/2012

“Literally thousands of lives have been saved by this incredible site. It this isn’t the gold standard for what social media can accomplish, I don’t know what is. If you are involved in animal rescue, you don’t miss visiting this site every day (or often multiple times a day).” – Sharon Lawrence, 2/11/2012

“Awesome page to network homeless pets and pets in need. The Best!” – Kim Franklin, 2/11/2012

“This is an awesome organization. Many animals have been positively affected by this group. They are constantly working and sharing to try to find homes for homeless pets in Texas. I believe they must work 23 hours a day to get all the postings and information they give us. They also set up the North Texas No Kill conference, which in itself must have taken many, many hours.” – Patti Watson, 2/11/2012

“Pawsitively Texas – great organization and wonderful people who work amazingly hard and are so dedicated to taking care of our 4 legged friends who can’t manage themselves. Saving lives and and finding forever homes and families. Alva started this little organization, performing Gods work. Pawsitively Texas – so deserving of all the recognition. GREAT JOB!” – Kathy Pinkston, 2/11/2012

 Pawsitively Texas for Sure! I became aware of this Group about the end of last year. I find them to the best source of information anywhere, at any time. The lives that are saved thru their support is remarkable ….above and beyond anything I have seen!” – Gina Marcus, 2/11/1012

“Great organization dedicated to saving the lives of those who can not speak for themselves!” – Joyce Arnold, 2/11/2012

As a rescue volunteer, this group’s Facebook is one of the first places I check for local orphans in need. They have saved many, especially during the Bastrop fires. They are pivotal in saving the lives in our area. They are my number 1 nomination.” – Debby Hylton2/12/2012

“There should be a star for every pet saved by networking though this group. But even more so. Pawsitively Texas has helped empower people to change their communities.” – Angie Sauer

“Pawsitively Texas saves lives and brings awareness to the social ills. It cannot imagine a more deserving group for this award.” – Sherry,

“They’re a great group! And deserve this award.” – Harley Griffin, 2/12/2012

“They are able to do what I cannot. I fully support and I am very grateful for their work.” – Gabriela, 2/12/2012

“This site continually works to promote animal welfare and they support any and all people looking to help or find a home for pets. They don’t get bogged down in politicking like other sites. They are about the animals, first and foremost. It’s a privilege to be part of their network.” – Kristen Smith,  2/12/2012

“They do awesome work in helping homeless animals find their forever homes and saving so many lives throughout Texas!” – Cindy Hall, 2/12/2012

“This is a amazing group and page! They save many homeless pets and many of us depend on their help to get the word out. They have helped our shelter kids many times. I agree they should get 1 million stars.” – Wendy Lenze,  2/12/2012

“Doing fantastic work at getting the word out to help save animals’ lives.” – Caryn, 2/12/2012

“5 Stars! Saving pups, one post at a time!” – Marilyn Litt, 2/12/2012

“I am honored and privileged to vote for Pawsitively Texas for the Statesman Social Media Awards, for the honorable work they do to help animals in need! GOD bless them for all they do to help HIS creatures!” – Kimm Oswald, 2/12/2012

” I see this organization work tirelessly every single day to bring awareness to animals who need a last chance. And I have also seen them succeed almost every single day. There have been many instances where’s nothing short of a miracle.” – Cynthia Harris, 2/12/2012

“The organization is great! They work so dilgently for the animals and for rescues.” – Marsha Rn, 2/12/2012

“Pawsitively Texas shows that through a little time and effort people can come together and save the lives of animals that might be put down for no other reason than limited shelter space. They are helping people help animals. This is win-win!” – Linda Cofer, 2/12/2012

“They work tirelessly to help find safety and compassion.” – Macela Salido, 2/12/2012

“The work PAWSITIVELY TEXAS does is outstanding! The service they provide is priceless. I am proud to share their stories and pictures of dogs lost and or needing homes.” – Susan Mellor Buch, 2/12/2012

“Pawsitively Texas was one of the first “animal” sites I started following upon finally setting up a FaceBook account. This site is absolutely amazing. The shares, info, etc that is exchanged, truly changes lives daily. 4 Paws Up!!!” – Lisa Hamilton-Carlsen, 2/12/2012

“Pawsitively Texas is an incredible networking outlet for dogs and cats in need, lost, or looking for their furever home. The idea of networking through FB is amazing. Austin located, but working all over TX. LOVE THEM!!!” – Brooke Walker, 2/12/2012

“Pawsitively Texas is the go-to location on Facebook to place or look for info on pets in need. Beside the fact that this page unifies the efforts of rescues, shelters, & individuals doing their best to help unfortunate animals, it’s professionally managed & produced. The format is clean, the spelling is error-free, the writing is clear & to the point. Most importantly, it’s saving animal’s lives!” – Eileen C Johnson, 2/12/2012

“Pawsitively Texas is such an amazing group of people dedicated to saving the lives of these sweet animals who all deserve to live in a loving home. I am so grateful for their work.” – Vickie Lee, 2/12/2012

“They are such a deserving organization. They speak for the ones who cannot.” – Nancy Miller, 2/12/2012

“In the short time I have followed this group on Facebook, I have seen such dedication, tireless dedication to promoting each and EVERY animal they come across. And it works. Not just for the animals, humans get a happy ending too.” – Karen, 2/12/2012

“Great group that deserves this award. Helping find families for pets and making people aware that animals need to be rescued!! I totally support their nomination.” – Alisa Greene, 2/13/2012

“The work and love this program is a labor of pure love. Thousands of lives are positively impacted by the lives saved. They remind us that mankind is not the only creature that depends on our actions. There are many programs that brings us the plight of wild creatures on earth, these is the only one that I’m aware of that reminds us, we can make a positive impact right here, right now. Save a life and be blessed.” – Cristi Beehn, 2/13/2012

“Just by being a voice for the unwanted and abused pets out there, Pawsitively Texas has raised the awareness of so many people who in turn make even more friends aware. They are a gift to the creatures we care about.” – Gail A Hammond, 2/13/2012

“I have been following Pawsitively Texas on facebook for just a few months and have already seen the great impact they have on saving the lives of many precious animals. Their devotion to networking these animals is amazing. They are a place where all people concerned with the wellfare of animals can come together and save lives. I have seen so many wonderful stories and have learned so much about saving animals from this sight. I cannot find the words to describe just how important they are to those of us how want to rescue and save lives.” – Kristal Fowler, 2/13/2012

“This is a great organization doing great work.” – Monica Hull, 2/13/2012

“For their tireless efforts in saving dogs & cats, reuniting families, and promoting awareness and education of shelter issues, Pawsitively Texas reigns supreme. God Bless you and your continued commitment! – Kelli Alexander, 2/13/2012

” They work so hard to rescue animals who have no other voice!”  Lisa Myers, 2/13/2012

“They are the best source connecting all Texas, and beyond, animal rescues, shelters, rescuers and updates. Because of their network on Facebook alone hundreds of lives are saved each year and many more human lives are made better. This one Facebook page is responsible for saving thousands of lives of homeless animals. 5 stars is NOT enough to show the good this group does!” Leslie Theiss, 2/13/2012

“I cannot think of anyone more deserving than Pawsitively Texas! Thousands of pets are now safe and in loving homes thanks to the networking on Pawsitively Texas. Alva pours her heart and soul into it and does a tremendous job! PT is the prime example of how social media has been instrumental in changing how the community of animal lovers can work together to save the lives of more homeless pets. A lot of local shelters and rescue groups have been able to find volunteers, fosters, adopters, transportation and donators thanks to PT bringing them all together. Kudos to Alva, keep up the amazing work!” – Rekka Melby,  2/19/2012

“5 Stars! Outstanding in getting the word out and posting through facebook and other rescue groups. Keep up the great work!” – Rachel Mueller, 2/19/2012

“Such a wonderful group of people working together in harmony for the good of all pets, everywhere!” – Diane Gorham, 2/19/2012

* End of Statesman Social Media Award Nomination votes/comments*

Hi guys. I wanted to tell you that I admire everything that you do for the pets in TX. It’s rare that you see people care as much about animals as you do. Thanks so much for everything!!!
Dawn Glover-Davis – February 1, 2012

Just read the story, and I just smile! Thanks so much Pawsitively Texas for what you do!!! I’m sad that her owners decided they no longer wanted her, but I am so HAPPY because of you she found a wonderful home!!!!
Tracy Fulmer Heller – January 15, 2011

GREAT NEWS!! RUFFLES WAS JUST ADOPTED… THIS NETWORKING THING IS AMAZING AND IT DOES GET THEM ADOPTED.We are so grateful to you PT for your efforts in supporting and assisting these voiceless creatures in finding homes! Without the network of people working nigh and day on these postings these stories would be few and far between. WE are grateful to you and the animals REALLY appreciate the help in finding their furever homes! God Bless you all!
Karen Scruggs – January 13, 2012

THANK YOU so much PT for your continued support to our quiet little shelter. WE are filling up TODAY so all shares and help given through your page is SO very appreciated!
Town of Hickory Creek Animal Shelter – January 13, 2012

She (Sophie Wise County shelter) found a loving home with us and is very happy bonding with our other dogs and with our son. What a wonderful job you guys do networking these dogs. Thank you.
Olga Sojo Smith – January 11, 2012

Love this site!!! I advocate these animals daily… sure hope and pray, they find forever homes.. =)
Fonda Muzzy Eddy – January 11, 2012

I love your site! I post to it, but I also share from it! Keep up the good work!
Jan Taylor – January 10, 2012

Networking WORKS! Here is Sam the little poodle that was abandoned in the gym bathroom. Vera Garcia saw the posts on him and contacted the finder. Vera has a senior poodle at home that needed a playmate. A meet & greet was done today and Sam now has a new home!
Patty Lepley Alexander – Austin Pets Alive PASS Coordinator – January 6, 2012

APA is going to pull them for Olivia:) we are now working on transport, yahoo! TY Alva for posting this mama and babies. Janie Nelson, Partners of Arlington Animal Services – January 4, 2012 (Our post for pregnant Mom, Jenny found a foster and a rescue for this young family of paws!)

Thank you so much ! Thank you for this site and allowing pet lovers to come together to bring homes to these beautiful animals.
Zoey Sanchez – January 4, 2012

THANK YOU PT! Your page has helped so many and we are all grateful for your help!!!
Karen Scruggs, Denton Animal Shelter Volunteer – January 2, 2012

LBR would like to thank you for this announcement and thank you for your continued support of all animal rescue efforts in Texas and beyond! Happy New Year to you all! We look forward to 2012 and all of the wonderful animals our organizations will help with your continued support.
Legacy Boxer Rescue – December 31, 2011

I hope your ears are ringing as I was telling someone in Seattle today about the incredible achievement that Pawsitively Texas is. Unfortunately, I undersold you … I said you had about 30,000 subscribers! Guess I was a bit off … so glad too that it’s way more than that!
Sharon Lawrence – December 30, 2011

That is an amazing achievement…. You reach so many people who WANT to see these animals. Thank you…
Liz Rainey – December 30, 2011

Happy New Years from Texas Italian Greyhound Rescue! Your group is pro-active and does an amazing job at saving lives. We appreciate this community.
Texas Italian Greyhound Rescue – December 30, 2011

I was at a dinner party and every woman at the table adopted their dog off of Pawsitively Texas….and they knew my dog Ted that was on death row….good work!!!!
Geralyn Davie – December 11, 2011

Pawsitively Texas – thanks for keeping us updated on scruffy. And THANK YOU for all you do for the animals we all love so much. I am a petsitter and my heart goes out to all the folks who help lost and found critters.
Patti Edwards ‎ – November 27, 2011

This is Suzie Q. She is the chiweiner I adopted on Tuesday before thanksgiving at the Garland Animal shelter after seeing her picture on here!!!!! As promised here is a pic of her out of the shelter! They said she was aggressive and tried to bite a couple of people there…. But she is nothing but a loving sweet girl in my home. hasnt tried to bite anyone…. lol she is getting used to having a lil brother and big brother which has been fun to watch.
April Parrish-Lyons – November 27, 2011

This is Suzie Q. She is the chiweiner I adopted on Tuesday before thanksgiving at the Garland Animal shelter after seeing her picture on here!!!!! As promised here is a pic of her out of the shelter! They said she was aggressive and tried to bite a couple of people there…. But she is nothing but a loving sweet girl in my home. hasnt tried to bite anyone…. lol she is getting used to having a lil brother and big brother which has been fun to watch.
April Parrish-Lyons – November 27, 2011

I agree!! And kudos to you for sharing so many deserving stories. You and everyone who is a fan of Pawsitively TX deserves a big Thank You for sharing and caring!!
Terry Parker Holland – November 27, 2011

You are an AMAZING person with such a big heart! It takes a lot of love to take the time you take to help each animal from several shelters, pounds, etc and to help them find a forever home. Yes, it’s certainly unfair to kill an animal when they can’t speak up for themselves. By sharing your website either on my page or by email I am happy to say several people I know have adopted dogs. Sadly, I don’t have enough friends to adopt them all but will continue to help your organization by sharing your link!
Robin Carter-Oliveros  – November 27, 2011

Alva, your site brought me into animal rescue. So a huge thank you to you!!!
Terrie Kieper – November 23, 2011

Thank you so much, Pawsitively! Everything you do helps! 🙂
Cyndi Berg Lott  – November 23, 2011

Networking saves lives! This little guy was shared here on Paws, and now a Texas Tech student is bringing him to Lubbock to his new mom.
Jackie Baltrun – November 23, 2011

Max was adopted yesterday. Thanks for sharing!!
Paige Forgey Yonker – November 21, 2011

Thanks to Pawsitively Texas for helping me to get homes for 4 dogs before the owner passed away. All dogs got good homes ( 2 of them went together!) The owner is heartsick, but knows this was best. Thanks again everyone for helping the furry family members.
Becky Carol – November 19, 2011

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the enormous contribution that is being made by “Pawsitively Texas.” I just read & forward some of the messages and I am making a substantial time commitment. To the person(s) behind Pawsitively Texas, you are my hero(s). (P.S. I think that there is just one person, so I’m even more in absolute awe! There is a special place in heaven for you!)
Sharon Lawrence – October 20, 2011

Sulphur Springs TX Shelter//UPDATE – Lacy now Daisy the Shepherd/Hound mix just got ADOPTED! Some very nice good people from Allen TX came to meet her this morning.They love her and now she has a new GOOD home! She is being fully vetted today. Thank you all for your help in saving her. She is a very sweet well mannered girl. Thank you for cross posting and sharing on FB.
Denise Stinson, Sulphur Springs Shelter ACO – October 20, 2011

This story makes me so sad. I wish I could take in all the mistreated and helpless animals and give them a good loving home. Bless yall for making this site!!
Devin Cole – October 17, 2011

Alva, I think you and Pawsitively Texas are incredible. Your commitment to saving animals and raising awareness is like no other. The animals love you and so do I!
Jennifer Doss Davis – October 17, 2001

Thank you Pawsitively Texas for your support! I’m the president of Guardian and we’re just happy we were able to take Hannah in and provide her a chance at a true love filled life. We truly appreciate all your support and donations. She is so incredibly sweet it’s inspiring.
Aaron Ogden, Guardian Pitbull Rescue

I knew the moment I met these kiddos I needed to help get them out of there, and was shocked when I went in the next week and they were still at the shelter! I’m so happy that Liza (Leo’s Mom), and For the Love of Strays were able to take them in as we rushed to get it all settled down. The road trip was long but SO worth it, and being new to Texas (From Oregon) and never having been down that way, the drive from Denton to Corpus Christi was a wonderful experience for us.

I feel so blessed that my photography is making a big impact in the local rescue scene, and I hope to be able to keep up the life saving… one camera click at a time. Nothing like something you love doing so much making a difference, and changing the world, one pup at a time!

Thanks, Pawsitively Texas for being such a great outlet for networking the Texan critters in need. You do such awesome work in the state!
Emily~ DreamEyce Studio

Thanks to your posting from Pawsitively Texas I have become a little involved with Take Me Home Pet Rescue. I wouldn’t have ever found TMHPR any other way and learn about what a cool and effective organization they are. Thanks.
James Varnell

Happy Friday animal lovers! I just want to let you know that Houston (the senior dog that was in Town of Hickory Creek Animal Shelter for so long) has been adopted today by a WONDERFUL family! He has left the building! thank you for always helping us get the word out Pawsitively Texas! This is a great service to the state of Texas and our small town shelters!
Town of Hickory Creek Animal Shelter

About 5 days ago, you posted about a shelter in Sherman Texas, with three Blue Heeler puppies that were going to be PTS. I have never helped a dog through FB before, so all I could do was just share their story on my page. I am not at all a cross-pointing page, so it is VERY rare for me to ever share a shelter dog. My friends immediately wanted to help the pups and this set into action an amazing string of events. In less than 10 hours time I was able to find a lady who would transport them all the way to Corpus Christi Texas. She pulled them from the shelter that day and kept them at her home until today. I can not begin to describe to you the happiness this has caused on my dogs page. People are so moved by the story 😉

I do work with a small rescue group called For The Love of Strays and these pups will find furever loving homes in no time at all. They went from almost dead to super lucky pups and it really is thanks to you posting their story

It really all started, only because of your page. The pups arrived on Saturday evening. One of the females was very skinny, while the other two were nice and plump. She would not eat, had very loose stole and started to throw up. I was sure it was parvo. In the morning I took her to an emergency vet to be tested and it was parvo. She was in such bad shape, so lethargic, she could not lift her head. I took her to our rescues regular vet and she has been in emergency care there. She is doing great and should be out tomorrow or the next day. The other two started to show signs of parvo, with the distinctive smell to their loose poop. I jumped into action and have been filling them with Pedialyte and Pepto (recommended by the vet). They have never lost their appetite or activity level. They LOVE to eat. It appears that all three will get through it just fine 🙂 My FaceBook friends jumped into action and called the vet to cover the cost of the extra care… I am really sooooo blessed. They are so supportive of the animals that I work so hard to save.
The pups will not be able to be adopted until there is enough time for the Parvo virus to get through their system, but it appears that all three probably have loving furever homes already 🙂
Liza Hitt, Leo the Lionhearted

“I just today, 7/21, adopted an adorable puppy from the Wise County Animal Shelter because Paws shared their urgents list on Wed 7/20.  I live a few counties away but made the trip to see this great pup. I have 2 dogs already, both rescues and 6 cats, so really wasn’t looking for another pet, but I’m so glad I found him, I think Thor will fit right in our home 🙂 I volunteer for the North Texas Cat Rescue and know how important sharing posts, pictures and info on these needy animals is, you just never know when someone will see that face that they can’t live without! Thanks for all the posting and sharing of these wonderful in-need pets and keep up the great work! I would never have seen him if you didn’t do what you do 🙂  ”
Shannon Subowsty

We want to thank Pawsitively Texas (PT) for being such a great help with our organization, Frisco Humane Society. Pawsitively Texas has such a large following in Texas, and the online exposure for FHS has been wonderful. When we had technical difficulties in setting up our new Facebook page, PT founder Alva, came to the rescue and helped get our page up and running, including links to our adoptable pets and our donations page. PT has shared our Facebook posts, which has given us greater reach, creating more awareness about our group’s efforts to rescue and save more animals. As always, we strive to rescue, foster, and place as many pets as we can in loving forever homes. Going forward, we hope to brainstorm and share ideas with PT, on how to bring more attention to the aid of homeless and neglected pets. Future efforts will be focused on ideas for fund raising and educating the public on the rewards of fostering and volunteering. We thank PT for being such an active advocate for needy pets all over Texas, and look forward to continuing to collaborate together!– Deb and JB, Frisco Humane Society

“I began looking for a place on facebook to post dogs when I first started with Austin Pets Alive. I quite literally stumbled onto Pawsitively Texas and my life, and the lives of many Austin dogs and cats, has never been the same since. The lives of over 52 Austin Death Row dogs and cats have been saved directly or indirectly due to posting them on Pawsitively Texas since September of 2010.
Not only have lives been saved but I have made long lasting friendships and connections I would have never made were it not for Pawsitively Texas. Alva runs this site with professionalism and compassion, which I truly appreciate. She is constantly thinking of what she can do next to help the animals left behind in Texas animal shelters and opened the doors for all rescues and volunteers to have a place to network and save lives. I am so thankful to have found such a wonderful place!”– Patty Alexander, P.A.S.S. Coordinator, Austin Pets Alive!