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Dear Dallas Animal Services – Please Wake Up From Your “Positive” Slumber

dallas animal services commission wake up pets are dying in your care

April 27, 2012 My thanks to Dallas blogger Larry Powell for covering the DAS shelter commission meetings; most people can not attend a meeting at 1:00pm on a weekday due to their work schedules so his reports keep us informed. This blog post began as a comment on his blog, only to expand into a full
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URGENT NEED in UVALDE TEXAS – Shelter Animals Seized for Neglect

Photos copyright Humane Society of Uvalde

April 12, 2012 The Humane Society of Uvalde Texas reports: “On Tuesday April 3rd, Uvalde County officials executed the seizure of all animals at the Uvalde Animal Shelter located on hwy 83 in Uvalde County. This occurred following complaints of poor living conditions and concerns the animals were being neglected. The Humane Society of Uvalde,
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Justice for Hope – A Call to Action for Change


May 4, 2011 This is a very sad story to report, but we are doing so to help raise awareness for change some animal rescue folks are hoping to make in Harris County. Guest Rescuer, Michele Beauchamp, of Basset Buddies Rescue of Texas, shares Hope’s story, with a call to action to support their desire for change.
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