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Chained Dogs Now Available for Adoption

Texas Dogs Available for Adoption

7 April 2014 Beautiful Dogs Found Chained Together – Now Available for Adoption! Two dogs were found abandoned and chained together in Parker County, Texas. The short, heavy chain has now been removed forever and these two beautiful black dogs with the white tippy toes are available for adoption. At the animal shelter, they are
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Very Lucky Pit Bulls & Cute Mutts Available for Adoption!

A beautiful rescue dog available for adoption in Dallas Fort Worth (photo).

22 January 2013  7 Rescue Dogs Need Your Help to Find an Adoptive Home! Alix’s Pit Bulls is a Dallas/Fort Worth animal rescue organization that began in 2012 when founder Alix Holland pursued her passion to save the dogs that were being killed each week. On her Facebook page, she writes “I feel as if
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Purebred Dogs, Cats, and Adorable Mutt Mixes Available for Adoption!

Beautiful blue-eyed Catahoula dog available for adoption

21 January 2014 I’m hopeful you’ll read through this list of beautiful pets available for adoption at three Texas animal shelter and share a few, or all, of them. I’ve included links to help contact purebred animal rescue groups and also a list of volunteers and pros that help transport pets. When I tag animal
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