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Waggin’ Tails – Texas Pet Adoption & Rescue Updates! 09/29/2013

A dog named Frankie was adopted from the Joshua, Texas animal shelter on the last day of his life!

29 September 2013 Celebrating Texas Pet Adoptions & Animal Rescues! One of my goals for Pawsitively Texas has always been to share the good news of pet adoptions and rescues. I hope you like this new feature to the PawsTexas blog and will not only share with others, but will also share your good news
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Some Things You May Have Missed! April 7, 2011

Things tend to move quite fast on Facebook, so I thought it would be helpful to include a list of things you may have missed this week! The underlined text below are links to the story; some will open in a new browser window. Tracking Pet Abuse Offenders – what and why you should know.
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