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A Home for Every Animal Shelter Pet

Ford is a 13 year old Rottweiler dog rescued from a Texas animal shelter and adopted in Michigan (photo).

26 January 2013 A 13 year old black dog was surrendered to a Texas animal shelter; he did not do well with this sudden life change and became in danger of being killed. The situation looked bleak for Ford, an older Rottweiler gent of 13. However, because of passionate volunteers who spend time online sharing
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Who Would Want This Dog? From Abuse to Love – a Story of Hope!

Max, saved from abuse, adopted into love

21 November 2013 Guest Post by Brittany Londergan, Aransas County Texas Animal Shelter Volunteer, with Megan, Ronel, Emily, Tish, Jared and Kathy There is Always Hope – Max’s Story It is through tears of joy that we share this VERY special update. Max came to Aransas County Animal Control (ACAC) in July as a cruelty
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Pets are Therapy. Pets give Life. Pets are Family!

3 legged puppy is a therapy dog

29 October 2013 Pets truly change our life and are the best therapy we could hope for! Pets are family! I wish I could give credit to the creator of this comic, but I can’t read the signature and my search online has turned up nothing. If you know, please tell me in comments below.
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Devoted Dog Continues to Wait for Deceased Owner

Ciccio dog attends italian mass after owner dies photo

16 January 2013 Ciccio is a 12-year-old German Shepherd dog that continues to return to an Italian church each day when the bells toll for mass. Just as he did for years when his owner, “Maria of the Fields,” was alive. The Telegraph reports she died suddenly two months ago and Ciccio was allowed to
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Homegame … a pet adoption video

Pawsitively Texas Cute Dog on Story Page

 December 19, 2011 The Animal Protective Association of Missouri and DreamWelder Productions did a wonderful job with the production of their pet adoption video titled: “Home Game.”  Starring Rodger Saffold of the St. Louis Rams and Popeye the dog … with Jay A Kelley as the voice of Popeye. Tissue alert … this is a
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From Research Laboratories to Life – a freedom project

November 28, 2011 Have you heard about the Beagle Freedom Project? Their rescue work will touch your heart deeply and you’ll probably need a tissue when you watch the video below of former lab beagles discovering life outside the lab. The purpose and mission of the Beagle Freedom Project is to rescue beagles that have
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War Vets, Shelter Dogs Heal Together in P2v Program

David Sharpe P2V Shelter Dog Helping Vets

November 11, 2011 How Dogs Help Veterans Cope with PTSD This video, produced by Time, beautifully and soulfully illustrates the healing relationship dog offers man. “Struggling with post-traumatic stress, veteran David Sharpe says he found a dog at a shelter that saved his life. Now, with a group called P2V, he pairs other vets with
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The Perfect Storybook Love All Pets Should Have

Fancy feast white cat

October 10, 2011 Pets are Family! I love the love story that is told in this series of videos! All too often, in animal rescue, we find a shelter pet that has been discarded because of a new relationship, the birth of a child, a move – or other life change. And it breaks our
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A Tribute to America in Remembrance of 9/11 and the Rescue Dogs

Celebrating the American Spirit dog a tribute to America and the Search and Rescue dogs of 9/11

September 11, 2011 I don’t know which is harder to believe. That 9/11 actually happened here on American soil. Or that it’s been 10 years since it did. Neither seem possible. The images, the memories, the emotions are all still so fresh. The horror. The shock. The disbelief. The enviable, unquenchable American Spirit. I remember
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Former Lab Chimps React to Freedom

former lab chips smile and hug

September 7, 2011 *Tissue alert!* It’s reported this video is of former lab chimps that lived most of their life indoors never seeing sunlight; although testing ended in 1997, it took a 14 year animal rights campaign for them to be released. Readjusting to the outside was carefully managed, and as you can see from
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