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Pets are Therapy. Pets give Life. Pets are Family!

3 legged puppy is a therapy dog

29 October 2013 Pets truly change our life and are the best therapy we could hope for! Pets are family! I wish I could give credit to the creator of this comic, but I can’t read the signature and my search online has turned up nothing. If you know, please tell me in comments below.
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Adopt A Pet Image

Adopt A Pet

28 September 2013 Adopt a Pet! The local animal shelters are full of precious and beautiful pets in need of adoption. Pets offer an open heart, undivided devotion, love, and a lifetime of cherished moments. Instead of letting millions of homeless pets die alone each year in shelters, please adopt, foster, volunteer, or give to
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It’s Not Too Late to Support Your Local Animal Rescue and/or Shelter Pets!

Year End Shelter Pet Support

December 31, 2011 Animal rescue groups rely on donations to fund their work saving the lives of pets in need in local communities. Many shelters do not have adequate supplies to care for the shelter pets in their care. Many people have been impacted by the economy and can not give financially (but they give
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I Want (Cute Cat Adoption Video)

Pawsitively Texas Cat Adoption picture

May 19, 2011 Truly, they don’t ask for much! Pet adoption saves lives! Please share this photo to promote pet adoption among your circle of influence. You can place this cat adoption photo on your website, Facebook page, etc. Click the arrow below to watch the cat adoption video. Networking is a powerful tool we
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Want A Rabbit This Easter?

April 13, 2011 IMPORTANT MESSAGE! PLEASE SHARE! Each year, rabbits and bunnies are given as Easter gifts, only to be abandoned later when the novelty wears off. Rabbits will live, on average, seven to ten years, so please only take a rabbit if you plan to make it a lifelong part of your family! You
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Adopt a Pet!

Find your next pet from the comfort of home! Use our Adopt a Pet search page to search for pets by pet type, breed, age, and zip code. Since it searches both shelters and animal rescues, check often as both update their databases with frequency! And check out the many dogs and cats in need
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