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Animal Rescue: Visual Story Telling Tips for Success

How Visual Story Telling Helps Animal Rescue

25 April 2014 In 2011, my friend Rekka who was a volunteer with a local rescue shared this video she’d made of Norah’s rescue. Rekka, JP, and Pat had been trying to save this dear dog from life on the streets for months. They often held their breath with knots in their stomachs as they
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How Pet Photos Increase Shelter Pet Adoptions

Cute Lab puppy Photo by Jenny Froh

September 29, 2011 This is a new video that highlights the difference photography can make in a pet being adopted – or not. It is produced by Fix Your Images. Click here to see the other great Pet Photo Tips series blog posts shared by pro photographers in the Pawsitively Texas community. Alva’s Note: Like
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5 Natural Light Effect Tips for Pet Photography

photographing a pet using natural light photo

September 22, 2011 by Shelby Clarke, Lifestyle and Pet Photograher Natural light creates the most beautiful photos; the following five tips will help achieve the natural light look whether shot indoors or out. Remember to “Learn to play with what you have, and be creative with the opportunities given.” 1. Control when you shoot a. When
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8 Tips for Photographing an Active Puppy or Kitten

blue eyed kitten photo by jenny froh

September 21, 2011 By Jenny Froh, Pet Photographer Sometimes an active puppy or kitten can pose a challenge to getting a great photo to increase his/her chance for adoption. Here are eight tips to help you get the best picture possible! 1. Turn off your flash. Get in front of a window or go outside for
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7 Tips to Photographing a Camera-Shy Pet

Pet photography photo

September 20, 2011 Like any good advertising or marketing campaign, good photos sell! And that is true for pet adoption as well! Quality photos can make a great first impression for pets in need of rescue or adoption and is one of the proven no kill initiatives for increased pet adoptions. The following is the
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