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The Dog Your Man Could Love Like

Photo of an adopted dog with love

14 February 2014 On Valentine’s Day, when thoughts turn to love and romance, a little dog rescued from a high kill shelter, teaches what love is really all about. Click the arrow below to watch this cute video featuring Tiko; it is a parody of the Old Spice commercials starring the handsome Isaiah Mustafa. Be
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Abandoned Dog Saved Because of Facebook Post

Facebook post saves the life of a Texas shelter dog

29 December 2013 On December 23, I shared a beautiful, but thin dog Aransas County shelter volunteers called Trixie. It was yet another sad story of a wonderful dog in need of someone willing to adopt her into their heart and home.  The post read … TRIXIE HOPES & PRAYS FOR A LOVING HOME that
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Animals Sing Deck the Halls

dog, cats, birds, and fish of youtube sing Christmas Deck the Halls

19 December 2013 I LOVE THIS VIDEO because it showcases pets in such a fun and entertaining way! They bring us so much joy! Even if you have seen this fun pet video before, it’s just not Christmas until the pets have sung Deck the Halls again, right?! It’s a very, merry Christmas when shared with
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A Miraculous Tale of Two Dogs

Dog adopted from Parker County animal shelter - Weatherford, Texas

7 December 2013 How a Photo Shared Started a Chain of Events that Saved the Lives of  Two Dogs … Drake found himself at the Parker County Animal Shelter in Weatherford, Texas. Then he landed on the danger list as the shelter was full and he had heartworms. I shared him here on the Pawsitively
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Shelter Dog Adopted in His Final Hours!

Scared shelter dog adopted in final hours!

4 December 2013 Too Scared for Adoptions, Pippi’s Future Looked Bleak On November 27, I shared Pippi, an adorable little Dachshund, “too scared for adoptions” at the Arlington, Texas animal shelter, and he was on the kill list for 2pm that day. As much as I DISLIKE posting pets with only a few hours left
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Abandoned Dog Finds A Home

Abandoned dog adopted after photo went viral on Pawsitively Texas on Facebook

3 December 2013 Good Samaritan Saves Abandoned Dog; Pawsitively Texas Networkers Help Find A Home! The plea came to Facebook for a little dog that had been found tied to a tree at an abandoned house and I shared the adorable, little one on the Pawsitively Texas Facebook page on November 25. Barbara wrote “There were
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An Update on Elvis the Adopted Dog!

Elvis, adopted Texas dog at the vet

21 November 2013 New Mom, Sara provided an update and more photos of the beloved shelter dog, Elvis. If you missed the story of how Elvis was adopted and became a member of Sara’s family, click here to read! (I just LOVE Elvis’ eyes!) “Just an update on Elvis. He went to the vet yesterday
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Pets are Therapy. Pets give Life. Pets are Family!

3 legged puppy is a therapy dog

29 October 2013 Pets truly change our life and are the best therapy we could hope for! Pets are family! I wish I could give credit to the creator of this comic, but I can’t read the signature and my search online has turned up nothing. If you know, please tell me in comments below.
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Tommy The Chihuahua

Tommy the Chihuahua loves his Teddy Bear

27 September 2013 I first fell in love with adorable Tommy the Chihuahua in 2010 when I first shared him on the Pawsitively Texas network! This little cutie captures the hearts of people around the world with his charm. Here are three of  Tommy’s videos to enjoy! It is my dream and prayer that all pets
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Handicapped Pets Need Community Support


24 September 2013 ©Handicapped Pets A great opportunity is at hand for Handicapped Pets and it is something the pet loving, animal rescue community needs to get behind and show support! Mark Robinson, the founder of Handicapped Pets Walkin’ Wheels Wheel Chairs, is a finalist for the “Get on the Shelf” contest sponsored by Walmart.
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