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Chained Dogs Now Available for Adoption

Texas Dogs Available for Adoption

7 April 2014 Beautiful Dogs Found Chained Together – Now Available for Adoption! Two dogs were found abandoned and chained together in Parker County, Texas. The short, heavy chain has now been removed forever and these two beautiful black dogs with the white tippy toes are available for adoption. At the animal shelter, they are
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Popular Pet Names Inspired by Food!

popular dog names photo

3 April 2014 The Complete A-Z List of Pet Names Inspired by Food and Drink Often times we name our pets after something or someone who brings us pleasure, like our favorite food or drink. Sometimes a dog or cat reminds us of a food by their coloring or markings. Here is a comprehensive list
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Adding a Pet to Your Family Poll

Adding A Pet To The Family

31 March 2014 Who made/makes the decision to add a pet to your family? Simply click on your answer in the poll box below, then click VOTE to submit. I’ll share the results of this fun poll next week!  Please share with your pet loving friends and ask them to take this poll too! If
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Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the Peanuts Gang in 3D!

Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Peanuts 3D movie

18 March 2014 Snoopy in 3D – The Movie! A boy and his dog. The infamous beauty that is the work of Charles Schulz’s lives on … and now we can enjoy this beloved Peanut’s favorite in 3D. Coming 2015 from FOX Family Entertainment and DreamWorks Animation. Snoopy … you make my heart smile and remind me
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The Dog Your Man Could Love Like

Photo of an adopted dog with love

14 February 2014 On Valentine’s Day, when thoughts turn to love and romance, a little dog rescued from a high kill shelter, teaches what love is really all about. Click the arrow below to watch this cute video featuring Tiko; it is a parody of the Old Spice commercials starring the handsome Isaiah Mustafa. Be
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7 Valentine’s Day Pet Adoption Posters

Adopt a Texas pet photo

10 February 2014 Increasing Pet Adoptions Through Creative Marketing! I believe there is a loving home for the majority of shelter pets; they just need exposure to be found by someone who will adopt them. Pets are love. And love is celebrated during the Valentine’s Day week. So what better time to tell the world
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Popular Pet Names Inspired by USA Olympic Gold Medalists

Pet Names Inspired by USA Olympic Gold Medalists photo

7 February 2014 17 Pet Names Inspired by Olympian Medalists! Agassi (Andre Agassi – 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist Tennis) Andre (Andre Agassi – 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist Tennis) Apolo (Apolo Ohno – 2002, 2006 Olympic Gold Medalist Speed Skating) Bruce (Bruce Jenner – 1976 Olympic Gold Medalist Decathlon) Dara (Dara Torres – 4x Olympic Gold Medalist
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Shelter Dog Adopted in Last Two Hours of Life – Thanks to Social Media

Texas animal rescue shelter dog saved in last two hours of life (photo).

28 January 2014 Ellie the Shelter Dog Had Only Two Hours Left to Live “I wanted to thank Pawsitively Texas for posting animals needing homes. We found our dream puppy (back on Nov 18) and rescued her just 2 hours before she was due to be put down. We drove from North Richland Hills to City of Midlothian
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A Home for Every Animal Shelter Pet

Ford is a 13 year old Rottweiler dog rescued from a Texas animal shelter and adopted in Michigan (photo).

26 January 2013 A 13 year old black dog was surrendered to a Texas animal shelter; he did not do well with this sudden life change and became in danger of being killed. The situation looked bleak for Ford, an older Rottweiler gent of 13. However, because of passionate volunteers who spend time online sharing
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What to Do When You Find a Stray Animal (must read!)

dog rescue texas photo

24 January 2014 Exhausting All Resources to Return a Pet Home One of the worst nightmares a pet owner can ever experience is for their pet to go missing. All too often, I see well-meaning people posting that they have found a stray pet and are looking for a good home. My heart sinks every
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