Traveling With Pets

September 2, 2009
Making plans for a weekend get-away this Labor Day holiday? Don’t forget to include your beloved pet in the planning process!

Among the most important accessories to assure your pet never leaves home without is their collar, ID tag, rabbies’ tag, and leash! A favorite toy or blanket, food bowl, and water dish are also important take along items to keep your pet happy and secure with familiar items.

Many dogs enjoy auto travel, but please remember a few important safety tips. It’s best to keep their heads inside windows to avoid injury by flying debris. In fact, keep your pet inside the vehicle, never allow your dog to ride in the open bed of a truck; this is very dangerous and inhumane. Texas law this week requires all human occupants to be buckled up for safety; for the same reasons, a restraining harness is critical to assure your pet will arrive safely as well. A sudden stop will send any unrestrained object, including your pet, torpedoing towards the windshield; a restrained harness protects your precious pooch.

Cats tend to enjoy auto travel less than dogs, so to ensure safety for all, make room for their carrier and strap it in for safety. A carrier that is strapped keeps it from bouncing around, which could cause injury to your cat, and becoming airborne should one need to brake suddenly.

You may want to adjust your pet’s feeding schedule to avoid upset tummy’s while traveling. Don’t forget to stop, with some frequency, to allow your pet to exercise, a refreshing drink of water, and to potty; they are not as accustomed to travel as we are and this will help make the trip easier for them.

Never underestimate the Texas heat. Temperatures rise very quickly to an unhealthy high in just minutes–even with the windows left open. Please do not leave your pets unattended in a closed aut

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