About Pawsitively Texas!

Pawsitively Texas was founded in early 2009 in honor and memory of Maggie Mae a much loved little beagle whose love for life, people, and adventure filled my world with inexplicable joy. Maggie passed away in November 2008, (the day before my birthday and just a few weeks shy of hers) and my heart broke into a million pieces. I loved that baby girl so immensely; we’d been together for almost 15 years. Around the same time, I discovered the depths of the needs facing homeless pets and the horrific plight so many face. Texas had numerous high kill shelters; I wanted to find a way to save animals and help them find the kind of loving home and life that Maggie had.

My first thought was to start an animal rescue, but I realized I could begin making a larger impact more immediately if I helped animal shelters and rescues by utilizing my marketing communications professional experience. So Pawsitively Texas the social network was formed; I eeked along, but once I became active on social media, things took off! In the more than five years since Pawsitively Texas (PawsTexas) began, we’ve seen not only thousands of homeless pets saved, but helped raise thousands of dollars for the care of the pets, recruited volunteers and fosters, pet transporters, and more. The PawsTexas posts have been seen by more than 100 million people and we truly are making a difference!  I say often that animal rescue is an imperfect mission wrought with challenges, but it’s so inspiring to see the growing army of compassion stepping up to make a difference and save the lives on these dear ones. You can read a few of the PawsTexas testimonials here and animal rescue stories here. I like to share best practices to help the people who help animals find more effective and efficient ways to save them.

Get to know Alva

I’m a native Texan with a God-given, Texas-sized passion for helping others and homeless animals. I believe we can change the world and leave it better than we found it. I’m a dreamer, a visionary, and not afraid to try to burst through brick walls. That’s why I love what true no kill leaders are doing for homeless animals; they found a way to break through the status quo, antiquated, barbaric method of animal sheltering known as “catch/hold/kill” and with determination, hard work, brilliant and  innovative programs, they are saving the lives of the pets in their community. I love being part of the generation that is dedicated to saving the lives of these precious ones and working hard to do so!

25 Things About Me …

  1. I find much inspiration, joy, and peace in animals and nature; my love for animals is in my DNA.
  2. I save bees and bugs from the pool; I just can’t stand by while a life suffers!
  3. Writing is one of my first loves, but I also have a passion for design and creatively executing a marketing strategy
  4. My writing has been featured in local, regional, and national publications, major retail stores, as well as instructional and entertainment videos
  5. I skycoasted over the Royal Gorge in Colorado and it was simultaneously exhilarating and terrifying! I would do it again!
  6. I was invited on stage to play an 11 foot horn in a German band in the Alps of Germany
  7. My soul is at peace on a white sandy beach
  8. With no budget or staff, I hosted 2 no kill/pets alive workshops in North Texas because I so believe that saving animals is the right thing to do
  9. I’m super proud I have been able to produce and present The Homeless Pet Project videos series with the mission to help every Texas and community in the US save more lives and transform to a true no kill community – and I want to produce more! So many inspiring stories to tell!
  10. I created my own apparel line for dog and cat lovers to help fund my work in animal rescue and to help homeless pets throughout the Texas and the US. Please support my habit 😉 and buy a tee or two! Find the original t-shirt designs here: The Ultimutt Life
  11. While still a high school student, I was a columnist for the local daily newspaper (2 years!)
  12. I graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a B.S. in Communications
  13. In my former corporate life, I was the marketing director for a national manufacturer managing an in-house, full-service creative agency; the company grew from under $78 million to more than $300 million in 8 years. It was a wonderful, wild ride with some of the more brilliant people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work for and with!
  14. PawsitivelyTexas won a 2014 award from BlogPaws!
  15. Grammar and math have always challenged me (you may have noticed that – ha!)
  16. I live with 5 comedic, adventure-seeking rescues … Mckenzie, Gracie Rae, Tiko, Nicholas Augusta (Augie), and Mischi – all rescue dogs!
  17. I love to cycle, swim, and go for 4-5 mile power walks
  18. I completed the 2009 White Rock Half Marathon and also participated in a 5-person relay for the same race – 2 finisher medals!
  19. I love to get away, far from city lights, and watch the breathtaking show the night sky puts on each evening
  20. I believe photography often delivers something words can’t express
  21. I’ve turned down employment that would require me to use a PC; I’ve been a MAC user since my first computer and will never part from my first love!
  22. I think it’s stuffy to write in third person about one’s self, so there are a lot of “I” here
  23. Compassion fatigue is very real; some days in rescue I’m not sure I can continue. But if we all look away, who will save these dear ones? They are innocent and deserve for us to continue to fight for them!
  24. I’m a passionate animal champion
  25. I believe the simple, but innovative no kill initiative is the solution to the needless killing of beautiful, adoptable pets in America!