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Dear Dallas Animal Services – Please Wake Up From Your “Positive” Slumber

dallas animal services commission wake up pets are dying in your care

April 27, 2012 My thanks to Dallas blogger Larry Powell for covering the DAS shelter commission meetings; most people can not attend a meeting at 1:00pm on a weekday due to their work schedules so his reports keep us informed. This blog post began as a comment on his blog, only to expand into a full
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Muggy The Stray Dog, Considered Urgent

April 21, 2011 Can you help? Rekka and JP are trying very hard to save this precious dog; he was a stray they were trying to catch and find a foster for, that DAS picked up first. So now, his time is very short; he is considered rescue only because he appears to have a
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Dallas Mayoral Forum on Changes at Dallas Animal Services

April 11, 2011 The Metroplex Animal Coalition Mayoral Forum was held Sunday, April 10, at the Dallas Public Library. You can listen to the Forum by clicking this link. (Note: links to audio will open in a new pop-up window.) I’ve listened to the entire Forum, here are a few of my personal take aways
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