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Texas Shelter Pets Star in Animal Planet Puppybowl XII

Texas Shelter Puppies in Puppybowl XII

Texas Rescue Pups to Star in Puppybowl XII Several adorable Texas shelter rescue puppies are taking the field this Sunday, February 7 at 2pm CST  in Animal Planet’s Puppybowl XII! As Team Ruff takes on Team Fluff, the canine cuteness will rumble, tumble, and fumble their way into the hearts of millions of viewers! Ranger,
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Increasing Pet Adoptions & Live Release Rates

Puppy advocates for homeless animals

23 October 2013 In animal rescue, you’ll find some of the biggest hearts and most compassionate people you could ever hope to meet. But sadly, there is also way too much drama and unfounded attacks that continually rip through the community. I especially see it whenever the no kill discussion comes up. Since launching Pawsitively
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Shelter Dog Gets Second Chance

Gracie has been rescued!

20 September 2013  Do you remember Gracie? We met her two days ago when Pasadena Poodle Patch shared her on the Pawsitively Texas Facebook page. The PPP gang had dressed her up and taken a fun photo to help share her sweet personality, but also stated she only had two days to find a safe
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Spay And Neuter Your Pet: Your City. Your Pet

spay neuter pets to build a no kill community

18 September 2013 A TIMELESS MESSAGE for every single community! Do you believe we have a responsibility to care for animals? To leave the world a better place than we found it? I do. Changing the world starts with a first step – and is often much easier than we think. Little things matter. Like
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Mission Pets Alive – The Programs That ARE Working To Save Shelter Pets!

Pets Alive Photo

8 February 2013 MISSION: PETS ALIVE! If you are interested in learning more about programs that increase the live release rate of shelter pets, you will not want to miss this amazing workshop on March 23, 2013! Inspirational people. Innovative programs. Increased live release rates. We have what is needed to continue to save the
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How Seagoville Animal Shelter Became No Kill

Sgt Karl Bailey Seagoville Animal Shelter

September 17, 2012 Police Veteran Makes Open-Admission Animal Shelter No Kill & Ends Gas Chamber When police veteran Sgt. Karl Bailey was appointed over the animal shelter in Seagoville, Texas, he used his position to make two bold changes. 1. He said he would not kill animals. 2. He dismantled the gas chamber and used
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Five Lessons Learned from the Fort Worth Animal Shelter Scramble

networking to save fort worth animal shelter pets

July 12, 2012 Late in the day yesterday, the Fort Worth Animal Shelter announced a kill list of about 80 pets that had until 8:00pm. I saw the posts after 4:00pm – a time Facebook activity drops off as people finish the workday and prepare for dinner. Like many others, Pawsitively Texas got behind the
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No Kill – Achieving Success Despite The Obstacles!

no kill obstacle animal rescue photo

May 4, 2012 No Kill: It’s not easy, but the rewards are incomparable! Building a no kill community … is not easy. Maintaining a no kill community … is not easy. But, no kill communities do not do it because it is easy. They do it because it is the right thing to do. As
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Building a No Kill Community – No Experience Needed

no kill workshop speakers cheryl schneider, michael kitkoski, sgt karl bailey, patty alexander, and dr ellen jefferson

May 3, 2012 Increase the live save rate of animals in your Community – no experience needed Texas has several no kill communities; interesting to note about four is that the leadership that transformed these communities to no kill do not have a career shelter professional resume. In fact, they have no expertise in managing
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Dear Dallas Animal Services – Please Wake Up From Your “Positive” Slumber

dallas animal services commission wake up pets are dying in your care

April 27, 2012 My thanks to Dallas blogger Larry Powell for covering the DAS shelter commission meetings; most people can not attend a meeting at 1:00pm on a weekday due to their work schedules so his reports keep us informed. This blog post began as a comment on his blog, only to expand into a full
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