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As you may know, Facebook has implemented changes that make it hard for us to reach the subscribers of our pages. I have created a family of newsletters, sign-up on the right —>, and hope you will subscribe to them. I’ll never spam you and will only pass along important information. Because it is expensive to advertise, please help me spread the word by sharing this with ALL of your animal loving friends and asking them to subscribe too!

Below is a summary of each mailing list and the reasons to subscribe:

Pawsitively Texas List

Never miss important updates about Texas pets in need! Facebook is making it too hard to reach many people at this time, so I’m looking for a new alternative to reach our followers and get the news out. I’ll publish lists of pets that need exposure and adoption stories too. Sign-up for the newsletter (top right column – or scroll down if on a mobile device) and never miss important info! I really need your help to get the word out to all who follow PawsTexas on Facebook! You’ll also receive updates when new resources are added for The Homeless Pet Project! The Homeless Pet Project features videos with leading no kill experts and other resources to transform ANY community/shelter to no kill.Sign-up today!

Pet Adoption Club

NEW! The Pet Adoption Club is FREE to join and together, we’ll build an exclusive, international organization celebrating, promoting, and supporting pet adoption! Sign-up today!

The Ultimutt Life

This is my new blog (in development now) that will take us beyond the animal rescue world and into the wonderfully, fun world of pet ownership. This new site is designed to fetch a smile for animal lovers everywhere! Sign-up today!