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How to Recruit and Maintain a Large Volunteer/Foster Program

Animal Rescue Foster Volunteer Recruitment Tips (photo)

Building an Effective & Large Volunteer/Foster Program: Volunteers are key to the pets alive/no kill mission of saving homeless animals. Learn how to recruit, build, and maintain a solid volunteer program for your animal shelter or rescue group in this 47 minute video presentation with Dr. Ellen Jefferson, Austin Pets Alive! You can help defray
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Austin Pets Alive! The Journey to No Kill Video

How Austin, Texas became a no kill animal shelter city (photo)

No Kill Austin, Texas: The People and Programs Austin, Texas is currently the largest city in the United States that is achieving no kill status – which is defined as a save rate of 90% or more of the animals that enter the open-admission, tax-payer funded shelter. This 11 minute video takes you on a tour
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