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I Wanna Be Loved – Pet Adoption Music Video

Pet Adoption Video

3 June 2014 I Wanna Be Loved! – the anthem of homeless pets around the world! So far, this video has only been seen by 22,231 people; it’s definitely a music video that deserves to go viral; so let’s make it happen! Please share this post and ask others to do the same! When I
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Muggy The Stray Dog, Considered Urgent

April 21, 2011 Can you help? Rekka and JP are trying very hard to save this precious dog; he was a stray they were trying to catch and find a foster for, that DAS picked up first. So now, his time is very short; he is considered rescue only because he appears to have a
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Some Things You May Have Missed! April 7, 2011

Things tend to move quite fast on Facebook, so I thought it would be helpful to include a list of things you may have missed this week! The underlined text below are links to the story; some will open in a new browser window. Tracking Pet Abuse Offenders – what and why you should know.
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