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Texas Animal Friendly License Plates Issue

Animal Friendly Texas License Plate

May 10, 2011 An update from THLN … ANIMAL FRIENDLY LICENSE PLATE ACCOUNT    THANKS TO ALL FOR YOUR PREVIOUS HELPFUL ACTIONS IN RESPONSE TO OUR ACTION ALERTS!     Background:   As you may recall, when H.B. 1 (the State Budget Bill) passed the House it included a holdback of over $1 million in
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Every Home Needs A Harvey! Pet Adoption Video

April 12, 2011 It is a proven no kill initiative to employ creative marketing when showcasing pets for adoption. Making use of video to show the pet’s personality, good photography, and social media marketing are all great tools to help pets find their forever homes more quickly. The video below is just a fun look
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Love is in the Air, Spay/Neuter Your Pets!

Spay Neuter Pets_Paws Texas

Embrace the love, but do not be a part of the problem! Spaying and Neutering your pets not only can improve their health and personality, it also assures your pet does not produce kittens and puppies that will one day be nothing more than a shelter kill statistic. Many Texas organizations offer low cost spay
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