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Spay And Neuter Your Pet: Your City. Your Pet

spay neuter pets to build a no kill community

18 September 2013 A TIMELESS MESSAGE for every single community! Do you believe we have a responsibility to care for animals? To leave the world a better place than we found it? I do. Changing the world starts with a first step – and is often much easier than we think. Little things matter. Like
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Shelter Pet Miracles By Animal Rescue

Carrollton Animal Rescue

May 26, 2011 Notice the title of this album (below) for the Carrollton Animal Services’ pets; it reads “Happy Tails.” Tuesday night, we were networking these adorable pets because they were out of time. In fact, they only had until 7:00am Wednesday morning to be saved. With these posts, we’re all on edge, watching, hoping,
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Love is in the Air, Spay/Neuter Your Pets!

Spay Neuter Pets_Paws Texas

Embrace the love, but do not be a part of the problem! Spaying and Neutering your pets not only can improve their health and personality, it also assures your pet does not produce kittens and puppies that will one day be nothing more than a shelter kill statistic. Many Texas organizations offer low cost spay
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