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I Wanna Be Loved – Pet Adoption Music Video

Pet Adoption Video

3 June 2014 I Wanna Be Loved! – the anthem of homeless pets around the world! So far, this video has only been seen by 22,231 people; it’s definitely a music video that deserves to go viral; so let’s make it happen! Please share this post and ask others to do the same! When I
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Animal Rescue: Visual Story Telling Tips for Success

How Visual Story Telling Helps Animal Rescue

25 April 2014 In 2011, my friend Rekka who was a volunteer with a local rescue shared this video she’d made of Norah’s rescue. Rekka, JP, and Pat had been trying to save this dear dog from life on the streets for months. They often held their breath with knots in their stomachs as they
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Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the Peanuts Gang in 3D!

Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Peanuts 3D movie

18 March 2014 Snoopy in 3D – The Movie! A boy and his dog. The infamous beauty that is the work of Charles Schulz’s lives on … and now we can enjoy this beloved Peanut’s favorite in 3D. Coming 2015 from FOX Family Entertainment and DreamWorks Animation. Snoopy … you make my heart smile and remind me
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The Dog Your Man Could Love Like

Photo of an adopted dog with love

14 February 2014 On Valentine’s Day, when thoughts turn to love and romance, a little dog rescued from a high kill shelter, teaches what love is really all about. Click the arrow below to watch this cute video featuring Tiko; it is a parody of the Old Spice commercials starring the handsome Isaiah Mustafa. Be
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Tommy The Chihuahua

Tommy the Chihuahua loves his Teddy Bear

27 September 2013 I first fell in love with adorable Tommy the Chihuahua in 2010 when I first shared him on the Pawsitively Texas network! This little cutie captures the hearts of people around the world with his charm. Here are three of  Tommy’s videos to enjoy! It is my dream and prayer that all pets
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Pets Can Teach Us So Much!


23 September 2013 On Sunday, we welcomed the first day of Autumn. I found this cartoon of Snoopy enjoying a dance with a falling leaf and shared on the Pawsitively Texas Facebook page; then Danalee shared the fun video of a dog playing in leaves (below). Don’t you just love the way our pets teach
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“Best Day of My Life!” – Adopted English Bulldog

Best Day of my Life - Bulldog Adoption Video by American Authors with Georgia English Bulldog Rescue

20 September 2013 The Best Day of My Life is an endearing video about the day a bulldog was adopted. Produced by American Authors in conjunction the Georgia English Bulldog rescue. It’s just greatness! But warning … tissue alert at minute 2:40. Happy tears will come. Adopt a homeless pet and give them the best
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Dogs Dancing Gangnam Style

Dogs Dancing Gangnam Style

December 13, 2012 Oh, you knew it was only a matter of time before someone created a video with dogs dancing Gangnam style. And now it’s here. This video is greatness. Don’t forget to shop at With Love Dog; a percentage of proceeds for all orders will be donated to help homeless pets!

Adorable Animals Singing Christmas Carols

Cute Dog video icon

December 19, 2011 I’ve shared Klaatu42’s fantastic and fun animal videos before, but these Christmas caroling youtube animals just deserve a repeat. An annual tradition! They rank up there with other Christmas classics like Charlie Brown, The Grinch, and It’s A Wonderful Life. If you’re a pet lover, you will really enjoy seeing these again.
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Hercules The Rescued Dog Saves Owner

November 15, 2011 With pet adoptions, we often say, “who rescued who?” That has been proven true once again, by a dog saved from an Ohio county shelter kill list. A dog loving couple, Elizabeth and Lee Littler, rescued an underweight, injured St Bernard dog set to be killed at the local county shelter. They
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