Offensive Photo Saves the Life of Homeless Dogs

2 November 2013

Dog Rescue … a tragic life transformed by the love of a street rescue team in Houston, Texas

You may have seen the photo making the rounds on Facebook and social media. Someone shared the heartbreaking photo of an abused and neglected dog with the offensive and callous-hearted caption “Lol only in 3rd ward I see a burned up dog.” As offensive and callous as the statement was about this dear dog, the person who took and shared the photo was the unlikely hero that helped rescue her off the streets and into a loving foster home. The photo spread across social media with pleas to help her giving her the exposure she needed to be saved.

Burned dog living on the street in Houston's 3rd ward.

Patty of Austin Pets Alive posted the image on the Pawsitively Texas page; my response was, “contact Corridor Rescue, Inc. and Barrio Dogs!” These two wonderful groups are working so hard to stop the abuse cycle and rescue the innocent victims of such unthinkable horrors in their community, Houston, Texas. I’m not sure who actually got the message to CRI, but the good news is, we have a gift in social media that enables us to share a pet’s need in real time and find the help that is needed! CRI was able to find and save this oh so precious dog!

“A wonderful woman named Ayesha Mohiuddin is responsible for getting Pumpkin off the streets. Here’s Pumpkin beginning her new life’s journey in Ayesha’s car before getting to the vet.” Deborah Hoffman, founder of Corridor Rescue, Inc. said.

Abused dog saved by Corridor Rescue, Inc.

CRI named this precious girl Pumpkin and you can see her sweet face in this photo. It was taken while she waited to see the vet.

Precious dog saved from abuse and the streets in Houston

Here is Pumpkin on day one of her transformation to a new life where she will never know abuse or starvation again. And more great news; Pumpkin actually had not been burned. She was just dirty, oily, and had missing fur.

Rescued from neglect and abuse - dog at the vet.

Pumpkin’s Surprise …

Sweet Pumpkin had a surprise for everyone! One thing the tragic photo didn’t show, but rescuers discovered when they saved Pumpkin … she is a young Momma! She and her own little pumpkin were living on the cruel streets fending for themselves. CRI affectionately calls this dear pup Itty Bitty. She is unweaned and was found starving and covered in fleas. Here is Pumpkin’s precious baby …

Puppy rescued from streets

Keep this precious one in your thoughts and prayers. She has a long life ahead of her, her little body just needs to pull through and become strong.

Rescued puppy sleeps as she fights for her life

Pumpkin and precious baby, Itty Bitty sleep. The circle of love! Don’t you know this is the best sleep they’ve had in a very long time?! Full tummies, loving care, bathed, flealess, and no fear! This little, heart-tugging family is one of the very lucky ones. So many great, but abandoned dogs and cats have yet to be saved.

This photo, this family rescue, the hope we have for these two … is made possible because of an organization that exists to save the abused and neglected, the fosters that make room in their home and lives to take in these precious ones, the donors who give to cover their medical expenses, and the people who choose to adopt these amazing and loving pets! And of course, the wonderful people that see a pet in need and click share to spread the news, giving the dear one needed exposure!

Rescued mother dog and puppy

Kissmet, the adorable black puppy in this photo was also saved from the streets by CRI. After a trip to the vet, Kissmet and Pumpkin enjoy some rest and relaxation in the sun. Look at Pumpkin’s shaggy-headed shadow! So cute!

Two dogs saved from Houston streets

Here are some of the other dogs that CRI has rescued and are now ready for adoption and their forever, loving homes! CRI writes “All of our available dogs and cats can be viewed at: and adoption applications can be completed online too at: ” Please tell others …

Dogs available for adoption from CRI Houston, Texas

Pumpkin isn’t the only abandoned and neglected dog that CRI has in their care; their mission is to save the street strays and transform their community of one to love. If you’d like to support their mission, you can do so on their website: Follow Corridor Rescue on Facebook: And, Deborah Hoffman / Corridor Rescue, Inc. are featured in a video on The Homeless Pet Project!

If possible, foster, volunteer, adopt a homeless pet! Every community has a surplus of these dear ones so in need of a loving home and volunteers are so needed to be the bridge from homelessness to a forever home!

[photos © Corridor Rescue, Inc.]

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  1. This is the worst example of disregard for human life. These (I say this because I am mad right now) bxxxxxxx need to be placed in jail where animal lovers who are there will show them what they did was wrong. I am praying for Pumpkin and the little one. I pray they get their forever home and be together always as a family where no one will hurt her or the little one again.

  2. Wow, had no idea about the baby until just now. That is beyond wonderful!! I love our rescue network!

    Patty Alexander
    PASS Manager
    Austin Pets Alive!

  3. I can believe my eyes. These dogs look horrible and now you help these two beauties and God Bless you. All the way from New Jersey. Kiss those two Pooches for me. BarbieCcaresInNJ@HomeHoundBoundinNJ

  4. I am so thankful for you for helping these precious dogs and cats . It makes me cry to see these poor animals in the street. I have a headache from crying. I turn people in whenever I see a dog being treated poorly or tied up without shelter food or water. God Bless you all for doing so much. I have two dogs, both rescued. My little one was covered in fleas, her fur was all patchy and it took three months of vet treatments to get her back to health.She also was very skinny. She is so precious, she wont let me out of her sight. When I walk she steps on the back of my feet, so I know she is there. lol. She sleeps between my husband and I. The other one came from a puppymill, but we didnt know where it was located. She was only 6 weeks old. So she wasnt traumatized.

    Love to you all Darlene, Cloi, and Candi

  5. thank you to everyone your working with for all you do!! I know we cant save the world at one time but working together with people who have hearts like yours do make a difference saveing one little furry friend at a time!!! bless you

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