It’s Always Darkest Before Dawn

king shelter dog photoJune 8, 2011

Animal Rescue Story

* Updated Saturday, June 11 – scroll down to the end to see a short video of this HANDSOME dog a couple days after rescue!

IT’S ALWAYS DARKEST BEFORE DAWN … a couple days ago King’s owner surrendered him to TLAC with a  roughness that grieved observers. He reportedly surrendered King, a pup adopted just six months earlier for the stated reason “he’s not purebred.” Just a young pup at 10 months of age, King exhibited signs of abuse. Patty who brought us story to us on our page said he winced when you reached to pet him and she had to pull him out from under the bed for a photo. Dogs like this do not fair well in an animal shelter environment with two strikes against them, owner surrenders can be killed immediately if animal control chooses – and a shy/timid/or abused dog is often passed by for the more out-going pets.

Yesterday afternoon, King went on the kill list which meant “any time” because the shelter was full, they’d killed 16 dogs the day before. People began to network him again and several expressed interest. Today, we have good news to report; King is safe and relocating from Austin to the North Texas area thanks to the Collin County Humane Society that rescued him! The photo below is him loaded up ready to be chauffeured to his foster home (he is a King, you know).

If interested in adopting King, contact the Collin County Humane Society (CCHS). Shelter walkers, networkers, animal rescue groups, it truly takes a village to save the lives of these precious shelter pets! Much appreciation to Patty at Austin Pets Alive!, the great folks at CCHS, and everyone that networked King – he got his miracle after some very dark days! And regarding the “purebred” issue, all I can say is Dog is an an amazing creation and purebred or not, they simply pure of heart with unconditional love.

Happy New Life, King!king the dog

Networking is a powerful tool we have to save the lives of the precious animals that depend on us so. Please continue to invite friends, family, and colleagues to join us here on Pawsitively Texas! And if you haven’t already, add your email address to our subscription box in the upper right column – you’ll be notified when new blog posts are published here (that’s all, no spam from us!).

Updated June 11 – check out King enjoying his new life – what a GORGEOUS dog he is! So unbelievable he was a throw away!

king after being rescued from the shelter


  1. Wow! I can see the difference in King’s face!
    It is evident that he understands that something good has happened, and that something good is still to come for him!
    Oh how I wish I could save them all. I would someday like to foster; just can’t do it now.
    I have two small dogs; one is a recent addition to our family and he came from a shelter and was also on the kill list. I just love him so much. I pray King is going to a home soon that will love him greatly and show him lots of affection!

    • King looks so much happier in the 2nd photo. Better days are ahead!

      I have recently acquired a dog which was on a kill list. My friend Andrea worked 12 hrs trying to find someone to get her tagged and released and someone to go pick her up. Teresa rescued her and brought her to me. Kiara is housebroken, leash trained, loves to go for car ride, loves playing with squeaky toys. She fit right in with my menagerie of 2 other dogs & 3 cats. It is unthinkable that this sweet, lil girl was going to be euthanized. I, too, am looking forward to the day I can foster. God willing, I will have a fenced-in yard one day.

      Thanks to all who are Animal Stewards

  2. I’m overwelmed in joy :-):-):-) Thankvu Lord Jesus for answering our prayers…. Thank u for the Angel u sent to take on the responsibility as fostering King!!! Thank u all….I LOVE U KING !!!! :-))

  3. Its is amazing what just a little kindness and love will do to change a dog! All he ever needed was a chance to be loved! Thank you to all who made that opportunity a possiblity! I cant wait to hear where he ends up on his journey! Blessings on King and all who touch his life from this point on!

  4. Great news!!! This has made my day!! Thank you to all of the guardian angels out there. King looks so happy!!

  5. I hope & pray King will find a forever home where he can get lots of love & attention. Pets give us so much love. Its hard to believe anyone can abuse these precious ones.

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