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Find your next pet from the comfort of home! Use our Adopt a Pet search page to search for pets by pet type, breed, age, and zip code. Since it searches both shelters and animal rescues, check often as both update their databases with frequency! And check out the many dogs and cats in need of rescue, foster, or adoption that are posted on our Facebook Page by clicking this link! Whether you choose a rescue purebred, or a unique one-of-a-kind mixed breed, you’re life will be forever changed by the unconditional love they give in return!

This is a pet adoption promotion graphic you are encouraged to share to help raise awarness to the many animals in need of adoption!


  1. As important as it is for me to share my story regarding my own road rage accident, it is just as important for me to advocate Adopting A Pet from a Rescue Shelter. There a thousands of wonderful animals just waiting to become a member of the right family. Don’t get a pet b/c its a cute puppy or kitty, get a pet because you are ready to share your LIFE w/another living breathing being! Pets will give you the support and love that is needed to get through your hardest times, and they do not judge. They deserve to be taken care of properly & not absentmindedly. This is a life committment that goes beyond the “basic” food & shelter! If you’re ready, a lifetime of love is waiting in a rescue shelter near you.

  2. How about a second graphic for rescuing / adopting ANY dog or cat, purebred or not? I would prefer not to favor purebreds over other equally devoted and loving wonderfully diverse furever friends – though I fully understand the reason behind the sentiment.

    • Linda, thank you for the suggestion! I actually have a series of graphics that I am introducing to promote pet adoption, S/N, and other important pet care/animal advocacy tips – and they definitely include pets of all breeds and mixes! The purebred one is because many believe one must buy from a breeder and that a purebred dog would never be in a city pound on death row.

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