Animal Shelter Crisis Management

No Kill Animal Shelter Crisis Management:

Discover how to effectively manage the animal shelter and maintain no kill during high intake seasons, budget cuts, and other unexpected challenges in this 53 minute video presentation with Cheryl Schneider, director of the no kill Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter in Georgetown, Texas. After watching this video presentation, scroll down below to see more info on Strategies for Effective Animal Shelter Crisis Management by Cheryl.

Strategies for Effective Animal Shelter Crisis Management

How to effectively manage/maintain a no-kill shelter during seasons of high intake, budget cuts, and other challenges an open admission shelter faces and how they can be solved via community outreach, media, public relations and creative marketing. This article is the companion handout to Cheryl’s presentation at the 2013 Mission: Pets Alive workshop (video above).

Crisis: Increasing Intake at Shelter Solutions:

  • Creative housing
  • Pairing up dogs
  • Play yard, Group play
  • Volunteers
  • Fosters
  • Pleas to rescue groups
  • Adoption promotions
  • Facebook (Twitter & other social media sites – added by Alva)
  • Pictures/Videos
  • Be creative
  • Reclaim waivers
  • Offer Community service
  • Waive fees for pet owners when possible
  • Email lists (added by Alva)
  • Send out an alert to the local media; see Get Your Paws on More Media (added by Alva)

Crisis: Kitten Season Intake Overload Solutions to Kitten Season at the Animal Shelter:

  • Fosters
  • Kitten Nanny Program
  • Bottle babies
  • Gruel babies

Crisis: Feral Cats Solutions for Feral Cats:

Crisis – Harder to Adopt Big Dogs Solutions for Harder to Adopt Animals:

  • Trainers
  • Kids-N-K9
  • Videos

Crisis:Limited Budget & Staff Resources Solutions for Limited Animal Shelter Budget & Staff:

  • Donations
  • Play yards
  • Jane’s Fund (medical)
  • Heartworm Fund
  • Sister’s Fund
  • General use
  • Volunteers

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