Black Dogs!

April 26, 2010

I love to share really cool ‘best practices’ that animal rescues and shelters do to help find forever, loving homes for the pets in their community. Many people in rescue are all too familiar with the “big black dog curse” … the most passed over, the least adopted pet in a shelter. But Rockwall Shelter Pets is showcasing just how wonderful black dogs can be with their special promotion! You can also see all of the available pets for adoption on their website.

Adopt A Black Dog Rockwall

What does your shelter or rescue do to help black dogs get adopted? Do you own a black dog? This is my black dog, Auggie Doggy, rescued from the kill list Dec 26. He is one of the sweetest most loving dogs – ever! And he thinks he is a LAP dog!  Black dog photo


  1. Yea black dogs! I’m looking forward to the day to rescue a black-bi (black and minimal white usually) Aussie. Might have to hold on to that one!

    Black dogs don’t show dirt…. (well not too much anyway).

  2. I LOVE BLACK DOGS!!!! I have 2 both Pit/Lab, they don’t particularly like each other but I wouldn’t take for either of them!! I don’t understand the “Black ” dog curse, A black dog that’s clean, is super shiny & beautiful!!

  3. I adopted a huge 100+ pound black/some tan Doberman/ Rottweiler mix from the Humane Society. He is wonderful! Sweet and laid back and great with children. Thinks he is a lap dog! We adopted a small black dog, too. Looks like a mini version of our big boy! I love black dogs and don’t get the fear of them. But then I’m married to a black man…. 🙂

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