Buddy & Max – A Dog & Cat That Touched Our Hearts

Buddy the dog and Max the cat photoApril 11, 2011

Buddy & Max touched our hearts when Patty posted their story on our Pawsitively Texas Facebook Page. Their Dad, a senior citizen, had to tearfully give them up to the Austin pound when he feared he would lose his home. This is the video where we first met Buddy the dog and Max the cat …

We met Buddy & Max, the dog and cat, that had been tearfully owner surrendered.

Kind folks decided to clean Buddy up so he would be ready to meet prospective new parents; he was adorable when dirty and matted, but now with his new look, you can see his true beauty, especially his eyes!

Buddy the dog gets a makeover and his beautiful eyes are simply striking!

This video is an update to Buddy & Max’s story…

Buddy & Max the Austin Dog & Cat that touched our hearts!

Today, we celebrate with all the Austin and online networking folks that work so hard to save lives, Buddy & Max, their new Mom, and sister Sunny! Special thanks to Patty Leply Alexander for sharing Buddy & Max with us and allowing us to love them and follow their story! Happy New Life, Buddy & Max!

Pet adoption saves lives!



  1. So thankful that they found a home with a wonderful new Mom. I was so worried about them. It is hard for me to see stories like these….I have 4 dogs and a cat of my own, some of whom are rescues, and I just don’t have room for more.

  2. God bless this lady for taking them both. These were the sweetest videos and I know these two will make wonderful pets and their elderly prior owner will be very happy.

  3. I’m soooo happy for the 2 of them! I wish this new family all the best! CONGRATS Buddy & Max on ur new Furever home!!

  4. Glad for Buddy and Max. Sad about the original owner who had to give them up. Will say a prayer for him – hopefully he is NOT out on the street.

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