Chained Dogs Now Available for Adoption

7 April 2014

Beautiful Dogs Found Chained Together – Now Available for Adoption!

Texas Dogs Available for Adoption Two dogs were found abandoned and chained together in Parker County, Texas. The short, heavy chain has now been removed forever and these two beautiful black dogs with the white tippy toes are available for adoption. At the animal shelter, they are known as Case number 45238 and 45239; they are both large, neutered, and thought to be Newfoundland Mix. They may be adopted together, or separately. But wouldn’t it be nice to help them find a loving, forever home together?

Does Anyone Miss Them?

These two male dogs were found chained together along State Highway 199 in Springtown, TX. If you know who their owners are, you are asked to contact the Parker County Sheriff’s office: (817) 594-8845

To Adopt These Dogs:

To learn more about adopting these precious dogs, please contact the Parker County Animal Shelter at (817) 598-4111 and

To Foster Dogs or Cats:

Please contact Parker County Pets Alive at

Eight Adorable, One-of-a-Kind Dogs for Adoption

These dogs are also available for adoption at the Parker County Animal Shelter. These beauties have a lot of living and loving in them, they just need help being found by an adopter, so please share this post to help them gain as much exposure as possible. They have such perfect names!

Top row left to right: Nelli, Cookie, Dale, Dumas
Bottom row left to right: Forest, Ferris, Griffin, Ace

Parker County Dogs For Adoption photo


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