“Meant To Educate” … the dog fighting app

Pitbull shelter dog

A pitbull in a shelter - how is it humane or moral to fight a beautiful dog like this?!

May 24, 2011

This  LA TIMES article quotes Kage Games, the creators of the Dog Wars application, as saying “the game was meant to educate the public on the evils of animal cruelty.”

It did not go away; it just underwent a name change. An excerpt from this LA Times April 30 article says:

The Dog Wars app for the Android smartphone encourages players to “Raise your dog to beat the best” and allows players to train a virtual pit bull to fight other virtual dogs and build street cred that “puts money in your pocket and lets you earn more in fights.”

Any app designed to have users “breed, train, fight, medicate and kill virtual dogs” is about evil, creating controversy, and selling products. It’s one more money maker at the expense of a moral people. I don’t have an Android phone. If I did, I would toss it in the trash because they offer this app. Truly, what has happened to compassion and humanity?!  People sign petitions and speak out, which is good. But hit them in the wallet and stop doing business with the phone manufacturer that offers this app in protest. For me, the street cred for these companies is that they are morally corrupt and lacking compassion for the innocent animals that are the target of their profit intent.


  1. Shame on you! What sicko decided to make an app like this and to put it on phones like a game. Dog fighting is a deplorable crime and you want people to what! Our society is judged on how we treat animals! So this will also judge your company. Take it off now!!

  2. This is sicking !!! Scum will use this to pratice then go to real animals.This has got to stop!!!! I will find out which company that offers this app and I will never use it and I will tell everyone I can to not use it.Sick,sick,sick!!!!

  3. You people suck for creating an app like this.I will never purchase ANYTHING you people create, publish or promote.HUG AN EFFIN ROOT.

  4. How can anyone with even an ounce of humanity condone this??? Dog fighting is a sickness and you are spreading it. Also, are you that lacking in creativity that this is the best app you can come up with? Totally disgusted with you !

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