Former Lab Chimps React to Freedom

former lab chips smile and hugSeptember 7, 2011

*Tissue alert!*

It’s reported this video is of former lab chimps that lived most of their life indoors never seeing sunlight; although testing ended in 1997, it took a 14 year animal rights campaign for them to be released. Readjusting to the outside was carefully managed, and as you can see from the smiles and hugs, the chimps appear to be very happy, and initially in disbelief. They now reside at Gut Aiderbichl Animal Sanctuary in Austria.

I am in absolute awe of this incredible video story!

Former lab chimps see sun for the first time, smile, and hug


  1. This is a beautiful video and I’m so happy for these chimps! Animal testing is SO cruel – God did NOT intend for them to be USED that way!! Thank you Jesus for giving them a real life!!!

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