Miracles Still Happen – Shelter Dog with 90 Minutes Left To Live

Shelter Dog in LongivewApril 7, 2011

I really struggle with the some of the posts I publish to the newsfeed. This morning, I got online very early and saw one of Genia’s posts that a 3 month old puppy had only until 8:00 am to be saved. That was only 90 minutes away from the time I read the post. I knew the odds for a pawsitive outcome were very slim, and I know how much people dislike seeing a post with either no time left to network, or one past the time the dog was to be killed. But I felt prompted to posted anyway, because I know miracles can happen – and the Pawsitively Texas community is one powerful, compassionate group of people. Here is the post from about 6:30 am …

Miracle Puppy Facebook Post photo



Many people were touched by his story; Kathryn in Dallas was one of them. Even though “Lil Man,” as he is called, was in Longview, Kathryn in Dallas knew she could foster him and help buy him time to find a forever home. Fosters are truly heroes, aren’t they?! We were all on edge waiting to see if Kathryn could get through to the animal shelter before it was too late … but as happens with miracles, she did! And he is safe! Volunteer transporters will help him hitch a ride to Dallas. You can read the full story on our Pawsitively Texas Facebook page here, if you like.

Networking is a powerful tool we have to save the lives of the precious animals that depend on us so. Please continue to invite friends, family, and colleagues to join us here on Pawsitively Texas! And if you haven’t already, add your email address to our subscription box in the upper right column – you’ll be notified when new blog posts are published here (that’s all, no spam from us!).


  1. I saw the request for lil man this morning when it was an hour past time but I posted a comment and shared it anyway – prayed for a miracle. I am unable to adopt or foster any of the animals but I can share and hopefully some of my friends list can…..reading this made my heart smile….:)

  2. I’m glad that this “Lil’ Man” found a foster home. Now I will keep him in my prayers he will find a F O R E V E R home very soon so that his new family will be able to grow with him and learn his complete personality from puppy to adult. I also pray for patience and kindness filled with love!!!! I am SO glad he was not put down!

  3. This was awesome!! Thank God for the foster parent for saving Lil’ Man. I hope he grows up to be a very loving and caring pet. Great work ya’ll

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