Muggy The Stray Dog, Considered Urgent

Muggy stray dog in need of rescueApril 21, 2011
Can you help? Rekka and JP are trying very hard to save this precious dog; he was a stray they were trying to catch and find a foster for, that DAS picked up first. So now, his time is very short; he is considered rescue only because he appears to have a eye injury.

Rekka reports “Last night we posted an urgent plea for a dog at Dallas Animal Services, they almost put him down this am but someone gave him a brief extension. Attached is a video I made when I saw him this afternoon, he is extremely friendly and loving! Please consider taking him into your rescue group, contact Mark Cooper at DAS or email ”


*** UPDATE ***Muggy the stray dog has been rescued

JP reports “Mugsy (formally known as MUGGY) is safe! We were able to pull him from DAS yesterday thanks to Stacy Smith and the Flower Mound Humane Society stepping in to help! We will try to catch his sister today! Additional photos of this cute guy on my wall.Thank you to all.”

Click this link, if you’d like to make a donation to the Flower Mound Humane Society for the work they do for animals in need like Mugsy.


  1. My husband & I rescue as many animals as we can down here in S. Florida and when we saw Muggy’s story we have been trying to help, but sadly all our fosters are currently not able to help! I am at full capacity myself and I’m crushed! Please someone step up for Muggy…PLEASE! That is just too precious of a puppy to let pass up! My prayers for Muggy & for a person to open up their hearts to help! I so wish I could!

  2. Thank you so much for saving Mugsy’s life! He looks absolutely precious, happy and now free…. He will make a loving and best friend for many years to come.I would love to take in Mugsy, but I have 6 dogs of my own right now and just recently found another lost and scared doggie. I try and rescue as many doggies as I can as well. Just this week I found a wonderful male Chihuahua Mix. Unfortunately, he was picked up by the Animal Control. His family never claimed him and time was running out! His last day was this Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 @ 6:00 PM!!!! I woke up today to receive a message from a fantastic friend of mine Anna Hernandez! Her friend is going to go pick up “Pooch” from the shelter and be a foster parent to him until the right person adopts him. What a wonderful Easter present! He’s saved!!!! Thank you for helping…. most importantly thank you to all of you who rescue these “best friends” of ours. May God bless each one of you and may he bless and confort all of the lost pets and find them a forever home!

  3. Where is Muggy at, what State? It appears his right eye is blind. That should not deter anyone from taking him. Wish I was moved from here in order to take him.

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