Popular Pet Names Inspired by Music

11 February 2013

A Love of Music Inspires Pet Names!

Music touches our soul and inspires our life everyday. It’s no surprise that many pet lovers find inspiration in music when choosing a name for their new pet! Here is a list of popular, fun, and creative names inspired by music to consider for your new pet.

Pet Names Inspired by Music Beginning with A

Abbey Rose (Abbey Road Beatles’ Album)
Aimee (song by Pure Prairie League)
Amadeus (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
Andrea (Andrea Bocelli)
Annie (Annie’s Song by John Denver or the Broadway musical Annie Get Your Gun or Annie Lennox)
Aretha (Aretha Franklin)
Aria (Opera climax)
Ariana (Ariana Grande)
Ashford (Ashford & Simpson)
Astley (Rick Astley)
Axl (Axl Rose)

Pet Names Inspired by Music Beginning with B

Babe (I Got You Babe – song by Sonny & Cher)
Bach (Johann Sebastian Bach)
Bandy (Moe Bandy)
Barney (the singling purple dinosaur)
Barry White
B.B. (B.B. King)
Bebo (Bebo Norman)
Bee Gee or BG (Bee Gees)
Belle (Eric Clapton Bell Bottom Blues),
Billie Jean (Michael Jackson song)
Billy Ray (Billy Ray Cyrus)
Bing (Bing Crosby)
Bingo (Children’s song)
Blake (Blake Shelton)
Blondie (80s band)
Bo (Bo Diddly)
Boltz (Ray Boltz)
Bono (lead singer for band U2)
Boogie (Boogie Shoes by KC & Sunshine band)
Bowie (David Bowie)
Boz (Boz Scaggs)
Braxton (Toni Braxton)
Brian (Brian May – Queen guitarist)
Bryan (Luke Bryan)
Bruce (Bruce Springsteen)
Bruno (Bruno Mars)
Bublé (Michael Bublé)
Buckley (Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah)
Buddy (Buddy Holly)

Pet Names Inspired by Music Beginning with C

Carly Rae (Carly Rae Jepson)
Carol (type of song)
Carlos (Carlos Santana)
Carly (Carly Simon)
Carrie (Carrie Underwood)
Cash (Johnny and/or June Carter Cash)
Cassidy (David Cassidy)
Cat (Cat Stevens)
Cecilia (song by Simon & Garfunkel and another by Burden Brothers)
Cece (CeCe Winans)
Celine (Celine Dion)
Cherish (song)
Chesney (Kenny Chesney)
Clark (Dick Clark or Roy Clark)
Collin (Phil Collins)
Comet (Bill Haley and the Comets)
Crosby (Bing Crosby)
Cyndi (Cyndi Lauper)

Pet Names Inspired by Music Beginning with D

Daltrey (Roger Daltrey)
Daniel (song by Elton John)
Deacon (John Deacon, Queen)
Deaky (John Deacon, Queen)
Delilah (song title and popular love song request DJ)
Denver (John Denver)
Devo (80s band)
Diamond (Neil Diamond)
Diana (Diana Ross)
Dino (Instrumentalist)
Dion (Celine Dion)
Dionne (Dionne Warwick)
Dizzy (Dizzy Gillespie)
Dolly (artist Dolly Parton or song Hello Dolly!)
Dorothy (Wizard of Oz musical)
Duke (Duke Ellington)
Duran (Duran Duran)
Dwight (Dwight Yoakam)
Dylan (Bob Dylan)

Pet Names Inspired by Music Beginning with E

Earle (Scruggs)
Eddie (Eddie Van Halen)
Ella (Ella Fitzgerald)
Elton (John)
Elvira (song by The Oakridge Boys)
Elvis (Elvia Presley or Elvis Costello)
Ernie (Tennessee Ernie Ford)
Etta (Etta James)
Evita (Broadway Musical)

Pet Names Inspired by Music Beginning with F

Fernando (Abba song)
Fleetwood (Fleetwood Mac band)
Fosse (Broadway Musical about Bob Fosse choreography)
Floyd (Pink Floyd)
Frampton (Peter Frampton)
Frank (Frank Sinatra)
Franklin (Aretha Franklin or Kirk Franklin)
Freddie (Freddie Mercury, lead singer for the band Queen) <3 !

Pet Names Inspired by Music Beginning with G

Gabriel or Gabe (Peter Gabriel)
George or Georgie (George Strait, George Michael, George Jones, or George Harrison)
Georgia (Sweet Georgia Brown)
Gershwin (George Gershwin)
Garth (Garth Brooks)
Gilley (Mickey Gilley)
Gino (Gino Vanelli)
Gladys (Gladys Knight)
Gloria (Gloria Estefan)
Gretl (Sound of Music)

Pet Names Inspired by Music Beginning with H

Hagar (Sammy Hagar)
Haley (Bill Haley)
Harrison (George Harrison)
Hank (Hank Williams)
Hendrix (Jimi Hendrix)
Henley (Don Henley, The Eagles band)
Henry the VIII (song by Herman and the Hermits)
Holley (Buddy Holley)
Huey (Huey Lewis and the News)

Pet Names Inspired by Music Beginning with I

Iggy (Iggy Pop or Iggy Azalea)
Isley (Isley Brothers)
Issak (Chris Issak)

Pet Names Inspired by Music Beginning with J

Jaci (Jaci Velasquez)
Jackson (Jackson Browne, Michael Jackson, or Alan Jackson)
Jagger (Mick Jagger, Rolling Stones)
Janice (Janice Joplin)
Jazzy (Jazzy Jeff)
Jerry Lee (Jerry Lee Lewis)
Jenny (Jenny 867-5309 by Tommy Tutone)
Jesse (Jesse’s Girl – Rick Springfield song)
Jethro (Jethro Tull)
Jett (Joan Jett)
Jimi (Jimi Hendrix)
Joe Cocker (singer – popular name for male Cocker Spaniel dogs)
Joni (Joni Mitchell)
Joplin (Janice Joplin)
Joss (Joss Stone)
Jovi (Bon Jovi)
Jude (song by The Beatles)
Julio (Juio Iglesias)
Justin (Justin Timberlake or Justin Beiber)

Pet Names Inspired by Music Beginning with K

Kanye (Kanye West)
Katy or Katie (Katy Perry)
Keyshia (Keyshia Cole)
Kiki (Kiki Dee)
King (Nat King Cole or King of Pop Michael Jackson)
Kokomo (Beach Boys’ song)
Kurt (Cobain)
Kylie (Kylie Minogue)

Pet Names Inspired by Music Beginning with L

Lady (various songs by Styx, Kenny Rogers, etc.)
Layla (Eric Clapton song)
LeDoux (Chris LeDoux)
Lennon (John Lennon or Lennon Sisters)
Lenny (Lenny Kravitz)
Leo (Leo Sayer)
Leon (Kings of Leon)
Leroy (Leroy Brown song by Jim Croce)
Levon (song by Elton John or Levon Helm)
Lil Wayne
Linus (classical loving pianist friend of Charlie Brown)
Lou (Lou Reed or Lou Rawls)
Louie (Louie Louie by The Kingsman)
Luciano (Luciano Pavarotti)
Lucille (several songs)
Lucy (Lucy in the Sky … Beatles song)
Luke (Luke Bryan)
Luther (Luther Vandross)

Pet Names Inspired by Music Beginning with M

Mac (Fleetwood Mac or Toby Mac)
Macy (Macy Gray)
Maggie Mae (Rod Stewart)
Mahalia (Mahalia Jackson)
Mama Mia
Mandy (song by Barry Manilow)
Maria (Maria Callas opera or Maria – Sound of Music)
Mariah (Mariah Carey)
Mary J (Mary J. Blige)
Marley (Bob Marley)
Marta (Sound of Music)
Martin (Dean Martin)
Marvin (Marvin Gaye)
Maxine (John Legend)
McLean (Don McLean)
Melody or Melodee
Mercury (Freddie Mercury, Queen)
Mercy (Mercy Me band)
Mick (Mick Jagger)
Millie (from the Broadway Musical, Thoroughly Modern Millie)
Miles (Miles Davis)
Miley (Miley Cyrus)
Miranda (Miranda Lambert)
Moe (Moe Bandy)
Monkee or Monkey (The Monkees band)
Montserrat (Montserrat Caballé opera)
Mozart (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

Pet Names Inspired by Music Beginning with N

Natalie (song by Bruno Mars)
Nelson (Willie Nelson)
Nicki (Nicki Minaj)
Nikki (Nikki Sixx)
Nora or Norah (inspired by Norah Jones)

Pet Names Inspired by Music Beginning with O

Oleta (Oleta Adams)
Olivia (Olivia Newton John)
Otis (Otis Redding)
Oz (Wizard of Oz musical)

Pet Names Inspired by Music Beginning with P

Pablo (Pablo Cruise)
Paris (Twyla Paris)
Patsy (Patsy Cline)
Patti (Patti LaBelle or Patti Smith)
Pavarotti (Luciano Pavarotti)
Peabo (Peabo Bryson)
Peaches (Peaches & Herb
Peggy Sue (Buddy Holly song)
Penny or Penny Lane (Beatles song)
Percy (Percy Sledge)
Perry (Steve Perry, lead singer Journey band or Katy Perry)
Petula (Petula Clark)
Phantom (Phantom of the Opera)
Presley (Elvis Presley)
Prince (Artist formerly known as or rapper The Fresh Prince/Will Smith)

Pet Names Inspired by Music Beginning with Q

Queen or Queenie (Queen band or Queen Latifa)
Quincy (Quincy Jones)

Pet Names Inspired by Music Beginning with R

Rascal (Rascal Flatts)
Radney (Radney Faster)
Reba (Reba McEntire)
Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac)
Rhonda (Help Me Rhonda song by the Beach Boys)
Richie (Lionel Richie)
Rigby (Beatles’ song Eleanor Rigby)
Ringo (Ringo Starr)
Rio (Duran Duran song)
Rocket Man (Elton John song)
Rod (Rod Stewart)
Roger (Roger Taylor – Queen drummer or singer Roger Daltrey)
Ronnie (Ronnie Milsap)
Rosana (song by Toto band)
Rose (Axl Rose and Sting’s Desert Rose )
Roxanne (song by The Police)
Ruffin (David Ruffin – The Temptations)
Rufus (Chakka Khan)
Rumour (Fleetwood Mac album Rumours)

Pet Names Inspired by Music Beginning with S

Sally (Long Tall Sally by Little Richard or Mustang Sally by Wilson Pickett)
Sam (Sam Smith)
Sammy (Sammy Hagar or Sammy Davis Jr.)
Santana (Carlos Santana)
Sarah (Sarah Smile by Hall & Oates)
Sawyer (band)
Sebastian (Johann Sebastian Bach)
Shania (Shania Twain)
Sharona (My Sharona song by The Knack)
Shoji (Shoji Tabuchi)
Sherry (song by The Four Seasons)
Simon (Carly Simon or Simon & Garfunkel)
Sixx (Nikki Sixx)
Sly (Sly Stone)
Smokey (Smokey Robinson)
Snoop Dog
Starr (Ringo Starr)
Stevie (Stevie Nicks or Stevie Ray Vaughn or Stevie Wonder)
Stewart (Rod Stewart)
Sting (lead singer The Police band)
Sunshine (You Are My Sunshine song)

Pet Names Inspired by Music Beginning with T

Taylor (James Taylor or Taylor Swift or Taylor Dayne)
Tito (Tito Jackson or Tito Puente)
Toby (Toby Mac or Toby Keith)
Tom (Tom Waits)
Tommy (70s Rock Opera movie)
Tony (Musical Awards)
Toto (band)
Twyla (Twyla Paris)
Twitty (Conway Twitty)
Ty (Ty Herndon)
Tyler (Stephen Tyler)

Pet Names Inspired by Music Beginning with U

Urban (Keith Urban)

Pet Names Inspired by Music Beginning with V

Van (Van Morrison)
Vivaldi (Classical music)
von Trapp (Sound of Music)

Pet Names Inspired by Music Beginning with W

Waylon (Waylon Jennings)
Whitley (Keith Whitley)
Whitney (Whitney Houston)
Willie (Nelson, of course!)
Willie Catson (Nelso for cats!)
Wolfgang (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

Pet Names Inspired by Music Beginning with Z

Zac (Zac Brown Band)
Zappa (Frank Zappa)
Zeppelin (Led Zeppelin)
Ziggy (Ziggy Marley or Ziggy Stardust by David Bowie)
ZZ (ZZ Top)

Additional Names for Cats & Dogs:

If you have a favorite dog or cat name inspired by music that is not listed here, please be sure to add it to the Comments below! Find more pet names by clicking here.

Pet Adoption – The Adjustment Period:

It’s important to understand that all new pets will need a little time to acclimate to their new home, family, and other pets. This is a very good article that tells you what to expect and how to help your new pet – Pet Adoption: The Adjustment Period: http://pawsitivelytexas.com/pet-adoption-the-adjustment-period/

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Pet Names Inspired By Music


  1. My oboe lesson teacher had a Maltese puppy named “Mahler” (after Gustav Mahler, the classical composer). It’s pronounced “Mauler,” so it was pretty funny that such a tiny, frou-frou dog would have a name as tough-sounding as that. 🙂

  2. This is the perfect question for my household! We decided to have a naming theme with our cats where their middle names would be from musicians or bands we liked. Our cats are named Mizfit Grace (Three Days Grace), Hunter Stone (Stone Sour), Shawn Crowe (the Black Crowes), Simone Adele (Adele, plus her nickname is Mony, like Billy Idol’s Mony, Mony), Punky Lenka (Lenka), Christian West (Stabbing Westward), Zachary Clark (Kelly Clarkson), and Amy Rose (Guns ‘n Roses, plus the name Amy came from Everclear’s Amphetamine).

  3. I adopted a mix called peanut a year ago…..she is Lola ( kinks ) in my life there is Belle (Clapton bell bottom blues), Rose ( Sting Desert Rose ). Just adopted a new pup, working on it now.

  4. I’m raising a litter of abandoned kittens and decided to theme them after some of my favorite singers.
    We have Dolly Purrton as the girl. (Dolly Parton)
    Johnny Cats as one of the boys. (Johnny Cash)
    And the other boy we are calling Willie Kneadson but are up to suggestions to a kitty related word that can rhyme much better with Nelson haha (Willie Nelson)

  5. You could name your male dog West from the musical West Side Story or name your dog after characters from west side story

  6. Merle! Delta Dawn! Loretta!

    (I don’t have any musically inspired pets…yet. My little girl just passed away and came to me 12 years ago already named[Maxy].)

    Our next pet(s) will have traditional country inspired names if they have to be changed! (Although after looking through the list, I love Joplin as well!!)

  7. Our dogs are named Cavo (after the band) and Sully (after Sully Erna from Godsmack). We are adopting another dog and are thinking of Abba or Joss for her! 🙂

  8. I had a beautiful black and white cat named Figaro, after the opera and also the same name as the cat from Pinocchio. I miss her so much ♥️

  9. Also my golden retriever’s name is Tango. 🙂 I would also suggest treble as a name (treble clef) or searching musical terminology for more unique names.

  10. My sweet cat is names Ruby Tuesday 🙂 & we’re picking up our new kitten this week…I am torn between Lucy Diamond (for Lucy in the sky with Diamonds) & Penny Lane! 😉

  11. We have had three labs named Good Golly Miss “Molly”, Amazing Grace (Gracie), and Sweet Adeline (Addie). We are trying to think of one for our newest puppy. I love Penny Lane and Maggie Mae. Any other ideas?!

    • I’m partial to Maggie Mae; that was the name of my beloved Beagle of almost 15 years – and the one I founded Pawsitively Texas in honor of. She was a simply amazing little friend.

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