I Can’t Imagine the Pain …

July 11, 2012

Animal lovers and advocates around the world mourn today the passing of Lennox. I can’t imagine the pain the family is experiencing. Two years ago, a family dog was seized by the Belfast, Ireland city officials because they had deemed him a “dangerous dog  breed.” The council called him a pit bull type and said he was dangerous and unpredictable; his family described him as a Lab/American Bulldog mix that had never been aggressive with any person or animal. After a two year legal battle that claimed worldwide attention and support for Lennox, the Belfast city council today announced they had killed Lennox after all appeals had expired. Although there were alternatives to rehome Lennox outside Belfast were available, the council held fast to their intent to destroy him.

The family wanted to see Lennox one final time to say their goodbyes; they were denied. They asked for Lennox’s body to bury; they were denied. Where is the humanity in the council’s resistance to let the family say  goodbye to the dog they loved for seven years? I simply can’t imagine the pain of having my dog taken from me and not being allowed to say “goodbye.”

Could this happen in your city? Could this happen to you?

RIP Lennox, your story touched the world. To Lennox family, my heart and prayers are with you.



  1. I have never been to Belfast although I have travelled to other parts of Britain, but hence forth I will keep Belfast off my map. I would also like experience my ordeal in dealing with Harris County’s Killing Machine in Canino Road. We successfully saved a Pit Bull/Mix (we call her Jean) with the help of Spindletop Rescue in Willis, Texas. While we waited there a Hispanic family unknowingly brought in a black young Pit Bull they found and was the joy of her 7-8 year old daughter for adoption. The dog was friendly and playful. As I inquired and explained if you leave this dog here they will put him down. And one of the attendant confirmed they do not provide pit bulls for adoption. She and her kids quickly left the god forsaken place with the cute Pit Bull pup. At the end of the day after we picked our adopted dog and left the place – we noticed a refrigerated trailer leave the premises. And my guess was that it is used to carry the carcasses of “Man’s best friend”. We have no idea how many or where they are going. I would strongly encourage folks to write and lobby the Harris County Judges to respond and find alternate solutions. Harris County tax receipts I am told is one of the highest of all the County’s in USA and we as tax payers should do more to provide “no kill” shelter(s) for the County. I even donated money to the Shelter and shocked to learn how they are putting these poor animals down.

  2. I will tell u right now I’ve had my pit for 8 years n ill tell u right now the cops could come to my house n if they tried to takee my dog…they would b taking me to jail before they touched my damn dog…cause if they told me they were going to take my dog they would have to kill me first

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