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DFW 24-Hour Pet Adopt-a-thon

check this out dog photo

October 3, 2011 Mazie’s Mission announces the inaugural Fall In Love Fur-ever 24 Hour Adopt-A-Thon which runs from 9pm Friday, October 14 to 9pm Saturday, October 15. The 24-hour event is a one-of-a-kind for North Texas … and yes, if you attend at 3:17am, the adoption center will be open! I asked! In fact, if you come
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How Pet Photos Increase Shelter Pet Adoptions

Cute Lab puppy Photo by Jenny Froh

September 29, 2011 This is a new video that highlights the difference photography can make in a pet being adopted – or not. It is produced by Fix Your Images. Click here to see the other great Pet Photo Tips series blog posts shared by pro photographers in the Pawsitively Texas community. Alva’s Note: Like
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The Plight of the Dumb Dog … as described by their owner upon surrender

Cute Dog video icon

September 28, 2011 Some people think that a dog should understand something the first time you tell them. And people sometimes throw a lot of words at a dog and then, when the dog does not understand, they shake their head and walk way, saying “Dumb dog.”  In fact, the animal shelters are full of
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Snow in August!

August 9, 2011 Just for fun … remembering when the temps were not in the 100s in Texas and the air had a chill! To include your ‘pets in the snow’ photos, add them here: I can only use photos posted on the Pawsitively Texas network’s site due to the slideshow technology I’m using.
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Determined Dog Wants Stranger to Play Fetch

Dog wants stranger to throw stick

  July 21, 2011 Aw, c’mon buddy! Let’s play fetch! Cute video of a sweet dog that just wants to have a little fun.

Crime-Fighting Chihuahua Stops Armed Robbers

paco crime-fighting-chihuahua

  Meet Paco! A little Chihuahua who appears to be more mighty than two masked men with guns. They only mentioned it briefly, but Paco is actually a rescued dog! File under “who rescued who!”

Amazing Dog Knows 1,000 Words!

Dog knows 1000 words

May 13, 2011 This week’s Casual Friday edition introducing one amazing dog in this pet video. Chaser shows a high level of intelligence by not only learning 1,000 words, but also showing the ability to deduct. Proving he is one amazing and talented, not to mention gorgeous, dog! Networking is a powerful tool we have to
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Aerobic with Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier

Aerobics with dog photo

May 3, 2011 Did you, and/or your pet make any new year’s resolutions about getting in better shape this year? Need a little motivation to kick it up a notch? Enjoy Jesse the dog’s aerobic workout and maybe pick up some new workout moves.

Cute Dog & Cat Video

April 8, 2011 Introducing a new feature on Pawsitively Texas – Casual Fridays! A fun celebration of the absolute adorable-ness of our pets! Enjoy!