How Pet Photos Increase Shelter Pet Adoptions

Cute Lab puppy Photo by Jenny FrohSeptember 29, 2011

This is a new video that highlights the difference photography can make in a pet being adopted – or not. It is produced by Fix Your Images.

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Photographing Animal Rescue and Shelter pets

Alva’s Note: Like any good advertising or marketing campaign, good photos sell! And that is true for pet adoption as well! Quality photos can make a great first impression for pets in need of rescue or adoption and is one of the proven no kill initiatives for increased pet adoptions. The following is the first of a Pawsitively Texas Best Practice Series on Photographing Shelter and Rescue Pets to help them find their forever home. Click here to see the other blog posts in this series on pet photography tips.

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  1. […] To make a long story short, it was through conversations with the other photographers and HSU’s volunteer coordinator, Jamie, that I became certain of my self-deception. How’s this for evidence  of my close relationship with Murphy’s Law? Out of all 5 volunteer photographers, none of them are able to work with the cats because of allergies, etc. This means no cats are getting decent photos posted on the HSU website, which means that the cats aren’t getting the boost in adoption rates that good photos have been proven to bring about (read more about that here). […]

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