Austin Pets Alive! The Journey to No Kill Video

No Kill Austin, Texas: The People and Programs

Austin, Texas is currently the largest city in the United States that is achieving no kill status – which is defined as a save rate of 90% or more of the animals that enter the open-admission, tax-payer funded shelter. This 11 minute video takes you on a tour of Austin Pets Alive!, a leader in the no kill movement and life-saving partner for Austin Animal Center. Meet Dr. Ellen Jefferson, Patty Alexander, Mike Kaviani and other staff and volunteers that are creating and implementing innovative solutions, such as Positive Alternative to Animal Surrenders, Behavior/Play Groups, and Baby Bottle Kittens, to save the shelter animals in their community.  Just below this video, see Ryan Clinton present the no kill solution to the Austin City Council; it’s an excellent blueprint to use in council presentations!

In the Beginning: Ryan Clinton Presents the No Kill Solution to the Austin City Council

Before the leaders in Austin, Texas committed to becoming a no kill community, the animal shelter was killing 15,000 adoptable dogs and cats annually. Local citizens found and presented the proven solution to saving the lives of these animals and continue to work in partnership with the city to help each pet find an adoptive home. Austin has created a cultural shift as people choose adoption as the option when adding a new pet to their family. This is a model that can be implemented in any city, large or small, metro or rural. In the video below, Ryan Clinton makes the initial presentation and petition for Austin to adopt the no kill animal shelter model.


How Austin, Texas became a no kill animal shelter city (photo)

Meet Diego a homeless dog saved by Austin Pets Alive!
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