The Homeless Pet Project – sneak peek!

25 October 2013

The Homeless Pet Project – Coming Soon!

Homeless Pet Project logo I’m excited to announce The Homeless Pet Project is coming very soon! I’ve been working on this website since March and it has wonderful resources to help communities increase pet adoptions, promote spay/neuter and much, much more! The resources include videos from the 2013 Pets Alive workshop which features leading no kill experts as well as videos filmed on-location in no kill communities.

The website and newsletter resources will be free to users! I would love it if you would help me fund some of the expenses I’m incurring by purchasing one of the items below. Instead of asking for donations, I’m hoping you will purchase one or more of these items (value-added funding!). They are all designed by me as an expression of the loving bond we have with our pets! And I hope you’ll join me in sharing the t-shirt and jewelry with your network of animal advocates and pet lovers to help me make the Homeless Pet Project a reality!

To purchase this t-shirt, please click to go to:

Please note: you only have until Sunday, November 3 to purchase this t-shirt!

To purchase this t-shirt, please click to go to:

Please note: you only have until Sunday, November 3 to purchase this t-shirt!

To purchase these necklaces or pet collar charms, please click to go to: 

(They look so much nicer in person, my photos are not that great!)

AND PLEASE stop by and sign up for the newsletter today!

With Love Dog jewelry

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    • They mail to the address submitted at purchase. No pickup. IF 75 shirts are not sold, none will be printed and the funds will be returned by Teesprings. I plan to watch the order closely and if we do not get 75 sold, I’ll add another order with a MUCH smaller quantity requirement, if they allow, and will message everyone through Teespring to let you know of the other place to order. I hope that makes sense. With more than 40,000 followers, I really thought 75 would be an easy number to achieve. Thanks!

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