Using Social Media to Help Abandoned Pets!

30 January 2013

Social Media is Proven Media to Help Shelter Pets!

Exciting News! Pawsitively Texas is now on Twitter allowing us to take our message of raising awareness for pets in need to even further! Be sure and follow the Pawsitively Texas blog and also, please follow me on Twitter, , to learn more about using social media to help shelter pets in need! Please also share across your rescue networks and ask others to follow @PawstivelyTex on Twitter!

If you are not currently a Twitter subscriber, simply sign up at, follow @PawsTex and I’ll share ‘how tos’ to get you started quickly!

Tips for Using Facebook to Increase Pet Adoptions:

Here are four articles about Facebook showcasing proven tips to strengthen your marketing on this great social media site – more to come:

Tips for Using Twitter to Increase Pet Adoptions:

Coming soon!

Together, we’re giving a stronger voice for the animals in need! Thank you!

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Using Social Media to Save Abandoned Pets


  1. i need some help here. I found a sweet, male pit mix wandering my neighborhood 2 weeks ago. His tag says ‘Boomer’.
    The # is disc. I had him checked for a chip, that showed another disc # but with an owner last name of Trevino. I’ve searched my neighborhood, contacted gets, listed him with 311. He is so playful and sweet but I cannot keep him. My elderly Schnauzer has health issues and is very upset about Boomer being here.
    Someone help. Tell me what to do. I must find Boomer a great home because he’s such a great, well behaved boy.
    Ty, Lisa

  2. I found this post on a friends facebook. If only I can post the picture. Poor babies if I lived in Texas I would help but I can’t. Please help

    Anybody interested in two very sweet cocker spaniels? My neighbors moved and left the dogs, they had not been groomed in four years since moving here, so i took them today to have teem groomed and will pick them up tonight. EP anal Control says they will take them but will only keep them for 4 days before euthanizing them. I hate to see that, but it might be better than being abandon. Call be or text me if you are interested. 915-479-3297
    This photo is pre grooming

    • Hi Claudia, you can post the dogs on the page be sure and include a photo, city, and contact email or phone, and any other info you have about the dogs. Also, if you look under Resources here, you’ll see a list of Texas purebred rescues including Cocker Spaniels. And … Karen at Harbored Souls (near Ft Worth) has a fondness for Cocker Spaniels, so be sure and alert her to them also. thanks for looking out for them!

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