Waggin’ Tail The Rescue of Dash and Toby

November 28, 2011

Remember the story of Dash and Toby? Over the holiday weekend, we met them through a post on the Pawsitively Texas Facebook page and their story, like so many, really touched our collective hearts – and everyone got to work networking them. For some reason, Dash and Toby’s owner was moving and could no longer keep this adorable duo. The owner’s plan was to have Dash euthanized at the vet, and if a home could not be found for Toby, he planned to return him to the shelter he came from. In the photo below, that’s Toby on the left, and Dash on the right. Notice how close they’re standing to one another? This is the photo where we first met and fell in love with them.

meet toby and dash, two dogs in need of a rescueEven though it was a holiday weekend and so many people were traveling and celebrating, a rescue happened as Richardson, Texas based Take Me Home Rescue (TMHPR) saw their story and found room to take them in. So, now, both Dash and Toby are safe! And we learn a little bit more about these two adorable dogs and see just how precious they both are thanks to the TMHPR photos.

Dash, a rescue dog photo

Dash is an eight year old Chow/Golden Retriever mix, which explains his sheer beauty. He is house-trained, great with other dogs, but has a keen interest in cats. And look at Toby, isn’t he a little charmer?

Toby is a rescue dog, a cairn terrier mixToby has had many adventures in his short life! He is a 5 yr old Cairn Terrier who spent his first year in a puppy mill. But he adjusted well to ‘family life’ and became best buds with Dash. Isn’t he adorable?

Toby is a rescue dog

Here is another photo of Dash … he seems so relaxed and oblivious to the networking firestorm his story set off over the weekend. Or perhaps he’s just thankful he’s one of the very lucky ones that cheated death.

Dash, the rescue dog relaxing

Take Me Home Pet Rescue was able to step in and save Dash and Toby because the all-volunteer group had a Foster Mom ready to take in these two precious ones. Her name is Tracy and they now have a foster sibling named Henry.

Foster Mom to Rescued dogsAnd now … here is a photo of Dash and Toby … after the urgency of their fate, settling in to their new Rescue. Dash seems to have a unwavering smile.

If you would like to make a donation to Take Me Home Pet Rescue, and/or someone you know would like to adopt these two adorable dogs, please contact THMPR at: info@takemehomepetrescue.com Thanks to TMHPR for making this story possible! Photo credit: TMHPR

UPDATE:  Toby and Dash were adopted from a family that drove all the way from Phoenix to the Dallas area to adopt them! It’s one big, happy family now!

Toby and Dash, two abandoned dogs adopted together image

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  1. I love reading stories like this, as a animal rescue myself, it makes it all worth while, to people like me, no shelter helps must have, my old age pension , and a strong love for all animals, I am 76 years old. and have done this for 58 years now, and no regrets.

    sincerely Doreen Glasspoole
    in cancada.

    • I agree! I wish I could get people to update us more on the pets we help save. I’ve got the Submit a Story link on every page of the site for just that reason. And ask often. Seeing the success really helps with the daily compassion fatigue!

  2. Do you still have toby? I have a cairn terrier named toby. I’m trying to find out his past please email me back if you have any helpful info. Thanks-Brody Burke

    • Hi Brody, The rescue group that saved and placed Toby and Dash may be able to check with the adopters. The group is Take Me Home Pet Rescue; if you click on the links in the story above, or google their name, you’ll find the contact info to discuss Toby. It may help to let them know that Toby and Dash were rescued/placed together in late 2011.
      Good luck!

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