Want A Rabbit This Easter?

April 13, 2011

Each year, rabbits and bunnies are given as Easter gifts, only to be abandoned later when the novelty wears off. Rabbits will live, on average, seven to ten years, so please only take a rabbit if you plan to make it a lifelong part of your family!

You can also donate to a rabbit rescue to support the work they do; here is a list of Texas rabbit rescues:

  • House Rabbit Resource Network
  • Houston Bunny Buddies
  • North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary of Richardson
  • Wild Rescue, Inc.
  • Easter rabbit photo


  1. I found a.rabbit last year fell in love put up signs and six weeks later his owner came and got him. I bought two rabbits the next month and fell in love again and after two months they got tumors all over there faces and I had two put them to sleep. I want a rabit I am home twenty four seven but I don’t want to get my heart broke again. Do you have rabits up for adoption that are healthy

  2. As an animal welfare center, I personally hate holidays where animals are considered appropriate gifts. in 2006 there was a huge run on Netherland Dwarf bunnies in the Corpus Christi area. These are adoreable and small by nature but if not carefully raised they are one of the more aggressive breeds of rabbits and being bred for size they are likely to be inbred to reinforce the smaller size. I took in 65 of these little bunnies betwee6-8 weeks after Easter becasue they started biting and scratching the smaller kids they were given to for Easter presents. in 2007 I took in 32 and in 2008 I took in 22. Last year 2010 I ended up with 40 dutch and freckled bunnies and so far this year I have taken in 6 already and its only the first week after easter. The other Easter animals I have had huge intakes for are those little chicks which are injected with food coloring while in the egg and they hatch out cute little green, purple, blue, pink, yellow etc, colors then at 6 weeks when they start through their first molt and get their natural feathers in the Kids dont like them anymore and they end up abandoned. Thankfully the practice of injecting the eggs, though while harmless to the chicks, is deceptive, is now banned in TX. in 2006 I had over 200 chickens, 96% of them roosters donated to My rescue and needless to say I was unpopular with the neighbors. PLEASE do not buy animals as holiday gifts, they are NOT PRESENTS they are life long committments. I have been very successful at rehoming the animals due to being 40 years in the rescue busness and having a very extensive east coast network willing to take and help me relocate the critters. I have 5 acres and specialize in behavior issues and elderly animals looking for a quiet loving home to spend their golden years in peace and affection. Anyone needing to find a place for ducks, geese, turkeys, chickens, guinia fowl, quail, any poultry or water fowl, I am available, I can also take rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, hansers, exotic birds, goats, lambs, emus, ostrichs, and llamas and alpacas and pot bellied pigs. I am also set up for miniture horses, ponys, smaller breeds of horses, donkeys, burros, I use to specialize in Thoroughbred racehorses and standard breds who just didnt run fast enough or who broke donw and were in danger of being killed rather then being rehabbed. As an animal Welfare specialist I have 35 years experience. I have limited space but also have a network of very dedicated people all along the east coast corridore from Michigan to Florida who provide transport and placement in homes where the critters are NOT FOOD but friends.

  3. I need help finding a low cost/free spay Rabbit Vet near Austin Texas. I have only found one so far and they want 250.00 for each rabbit. I’m sorry but I cant afford that! I am disable, on a limited income, stuck in the house most of the time by myself, and my three bunnies are my best friends and companions. I have heard it is better for the females to be fixed so they won’t get cancer in their female parts. My male is already fixed, but I would love to have my girls spayed. I was told they would live longer. Please help me find a affordable vet. It would mean alot to me. Thank You for your time.

    Mrs. Pat Garcia,
    Thumper and Tag

  4. Thank you for posting this. I wish more would see it. I am going to post about this as well, and also getting chics and dyed chics. May I please use your Bunny post on my blog, for Florida bunnies and of course proper credit will be given.

    Joan Penfold
    joan_penfold at yahoo dot com

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