POLL: Where Did You Get Your Pet?

June 14, 2012

Please also ask your family, friends, and co-workers to take a minute and give us their feedback. Especially important is to ask those that are less involved in animal rescue and networking so we can get a better sampling of the general population. Once answered, click VOTE. Then, click “Share This” (next to Vote) to share with your network of friends, family, and co-workers! Thank you! I’ll share the results in an upcoming blog.

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  1. I have gotten two of my dogs from breeders. I have French Bulldogs and I feel sometimes the adoption fees for purebred dogs are so high I can buy a puppy. I do fostering for animal rescue so I know all the reasons for the high adoption fees, I also feel they have gotten over the top in some cases epically when certain dogs rarely turn up in shelters and if so, a rescue will be called or allowed to pull the dog before the public will ever get a chance to see him/her. I tried for three years to adopt a frenchie from a shelter, I finally succeeded this year.

    • I’m sorry you feel that way. Animals should not be a business transaction but family members. It also makes me sad that people feel they need an animal to look a certain way in order to allow him or her into their home.

      In the long run, what will make you happy or not is the animal’s personality. If you get to know an animal and are compatible, you will have a good relationship. Otherwise you’ll just have an expensive animal that looks the way you wanted.

      I see the photos of barrels of dead dogs and cats, killed in shelters all over the world in part because they are mixed breeds and didn’t cost a fortune to buy. Nothing will convince me that “purebreds” are worth any more than any other animal. It’s just fashion, and it’s killing animals, and it’s insane.

  2. We will be picking up our third Springer Spaniel tomorrow from English Springer Rescue Assoc. (esra.org). These guys are nothing short of amazing!!! Thanks to all the rescue groups, shelters, volunteers, & foster mom & dad’s for all of your hard work. You are incredible!!! God bless you all :)))

  3. Both of my pups have been rescues….the 11 year old was dumped as a puppy with her mother and brothers and sisters in a friends front yard, and the other one 2 years now, was dumped in the Huntsville Forest with his sister. They were found by the Huntsville Fire Dept. that were there to do a controlled burn.
    They took the pups to my grand daughters office at Sam Houston College. I took one of them.
    Love both my babies.

  4. I always adopt, either straight from the streets, from friends who can no longer provide, or from a shelter/rescue. I do not believe in purchasing.

  5. My baby is almost 14 now & was a gift from my husband who purchased him from a breeder. He is blind, but without him , I would be devastated. I rescued a sr dog from a shelter in Longview, TX. He was to be PTS because of his age, 17 years. I’ve had him for a year now, he is deaf. Then, when my daughter had to have someone take in her dog (who was dumped on her porch with a litter of pups) because of cancer, I took in her dog. Lastly, when my grandson moved off & did not take his dog, this daughter brought him here to live with us.So, nnow, we have all 4 dogs, what a joy. I would never buy a pet from from a breeder or a pet store. There are so many wonderful dogs out here, the responsible thing to do is adopt.

  6. I have always loved animals. As a child I had many different dogs and cats. This was in the 50′, 60’s and early 70’s. We lived by a highway, and so most of them got ran over. Also, my daddy doesn’t think of an animals like we do, so he had his on way of disposing of unwanted cats and dogs, which ended their life quickly, without suffering. In 2010 we found a daschund and found a very good home for him and since then, mostly dogs have been finding me. I have found 7 of them of homes, plus 3 went to a rescues. I have 4 that I have never gotten homes for, plus I have been trying to catch feral dogs and their offsprings for 2 years. I kinda got over my head. I have had some help, such as he rescue that took the pekingese that had to have his eye removed, and I did get 4 people to give donations for his surgery. Just recently, I was able to catch 2 of the feral dogs, which one was about to have more puppies. Feral Rescue from Pilot Point, Texas came and got them. Other than a few bags of dog food that has been given from time to time I have had to feed, vaccinate, spay and neuter, clean up after, etc. mostly by myself. I had has high as 17, but now, it is 15, but I think some of the ferals are pregnant!

    • Hi Glynis, if you are hoping to find homes for some of the dogs, see if a nearby rescue will allow you to post them on their pet search site and attend their adoption events. You can also post them on the PawsTexas Fb page. If you haven’t checked out Texas Coalition for Animal Protection (TCAP) and/or North Texas Pet Food Bank, they may be able to help with some of the expenses (both have a Fb page). Thanks for caring for those that are abandoned.

  7. HI,
    I think these are good questions, but I don’t think the poll will reflect accurate results. You’re asking two questions, really so I think you need to ask for two responses. For instance” Where have you gotten a pet in the past?” may not garner the same answer as , “Where are you most likely to go for a new pet?” I don’t see how you would be able to separate the answers and relate them to the proper question.
    For instance, if I check, pet store what will you think? Will you think that I’ve gone to a pet store in the past, or that I will look in a pet store for a new one?
    Trust me, people I share this with will ask the same thing. :o)
    Thanks for thinking about the furry ones!

    • Thanks for the feedback; I set up the response as multiple choice because people often have several pets and get them from a variety of places. The “other” section allows for comments too. I’ll have other polls in the future.

  8. One of ours was returned several times to the shelter in San Diego for aggression, my husband transformed her into a perfect dog. We adopted our second from a very overcrowded shelter in Tampa. We foster dogs independently here in Texas…usually one at a time so we can give everyone tons of love while they’re here.

  9. I have gotten dogs from breeders, shelters, and rescues. I tried working with a local boxer rescue for my latest adoption, but they were so slow to respond that I went to the shelter and found an awesome mutt. I have since offered to foster for the same boxer rescue because they seemed desperate for foster homes, but I never heard a yes or no. It has caused me a huge lack of faith in breed specific rescues.

  10. I received one of my Italian Greyhounds as a gift. I never recommend giving a dog as a gift as I think it should be a well thought out purchase – but this one certainly worked for me. After his cat passed away he needed a play mate and we headed straight to Italian Greyhound Club of America (IGCA) rescue to get his just perfect friend. That worked out so well and we just fell in love with the organization so now the three of us foster too!

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