Animal Abuser Registry – the time is now!

23 October 2013

For years animal welfare advocates have desired an Animal Abuser Registry and now we have model legislation and a lobbyist toolkit to help us achieve one in our home state.

Written by attorney and animal welfare advocate, Nathan Winograd, the legislation model is designed to assist local animal advocates to lead the charge in getting a registry onto the state law books.

Winograd writes

Today, there is currently no means of ensuring that animals are not placed into the hands of convicted animal abusers. An “Animal Abuser Registry” modeled on those laws which currently exist to protect children, would require people convicted of these types of crimes to register with the state. The registry would then be available to shelters, rescue groups, pet stores, breeders, and the public. Abusers would not be permitted to have animals and it would be illegal to give or sell an animal to them.

The animal abuser registry legislation model and lobbyist toolkit are both available at no charge in the links below:

Click here to see The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act

and see this link for information on getting legislation introduced and passed in your state/lobbyist toolkit.

Please share with the animal welfare community. The time for an Animal Abuser Registry is long overdue and now we have the resources to right that wrong.

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Animal Abuser Registry Legislation


  1. this is very important that we have an animal abuser registry! people who abuse animals will abuse people too! everyone will benefit from this! thank you!

  2. I think that’s a great idea. Sex offenders have to register so the public can monitor them and protect their children. Convicted animal abusers should have to do the same. That way the public will be aware and possibly protect their ot someone elses pet (family member).

  3. I agree. If you want to see it another way. The animal abuser will sooner or later move onto humans, usually starting with the most vulnerable: children.

  4. I have always thought animal abusers should be held to the same accountability as sex offenders or murderers and be registered so that we all have the right to know who and where they are so we can protect our pets and families. This legislation needs to be passed in every state.

  5. These horrible sickos must be stopped. They are out of control in their own lives so have to control little defensiveless animals who cannot defend themselves or speak out.

    • Please share the post; we have the tools needed to get the laws passed. We just need volunteers in each state to take the lead and get it done!

  6. I fully support the idea of an Animal Abuser Registry. Are there any attorneys out there who can answer the following question. Would there be a need to reclass an animal status from Property? Is it legal to deny an individual access to “property”? If yes, then how do we get an animal’s status changed to an entity entitled to this kind of protection.

    You may think I’m splitting hairs, but if this is an issue, then the Registry is putting the cart before the horse, so to speak.

    • Good questions, Michelle. Although the model legislation was drafted by an attorney, I’m not one. However, I’m not sure why animals would need to be reclassified. Each state has animal cruelty laws with penalties. The purpose of the proposed Animal Abuser Registry is a directory listing for those who have already have already been convicted of cruelty by a court of law; they may have lost ownership of their animals and the registry would be a tool animal shelters, rescues, and pet owners could use as a tool to protect pets via adoption or rehoming. I see it similar to the Silver Alert modeled after the Amber Alert; different situations, but the animal registry would be modeled after the sex offenders registry.

  7. This law should absolutely be put into effect! How sad to live a horrible life only to be rescued and put into a shelter and then adopted by someone who will only continue the abuse you so briefly escaped from. It’s like fostering children to people with a history of physical and psychological abuse.

    We are a country who protects those who cannot protect themselves, the elderly, young, mentally challenged, physically disabled, or so I thought. This should include animals.

    Greatness requires protection of those who cannot fend for themselves.

  8. Yes, agree with consensus. This law has to be put into effect and the sooner the better. Animals are no ones property, it is a privilege to own a dog or cat,etc, . Does that make a woman the property to her husband because she married him???? No way in hell am i someone’s property, so the same with animals they are not our property , they become part of your family and you treat them just like that ……family.

    There are far too many animals being abused and what happens to the abuser, a slap on the wrist, write a book, play football again like nothing happened. NO, this abuse against animals must STOP and it has to start with us to make a difference. I support the animal abuse registry. We are their voice, so let’s do it for the voiceless.

    • We just need people in each community to take the lead to getting this passed locally! Please help spread the word; this legislation will help locals make it a reality!

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