Update: Brady From the Hands of Animal Cruelty to the Loving Arms of Rescue

April 26, 2011

Brady was wrapped in duct tape and tossed in a trash dumpster to die; we originally reported his story and folks donated to his animal rescue, Texas Little Cuties to help for his care! Shannon reports he is oh so sweet and doing well in on his road to recovery. She shared the photo below. He is ONE ADORABLE DOG!
Brady Update Animal Cruelty photo


  1. I was able to donate $100 to this little guy when the first picture of him circulated on Facebook. I called the vet and also chatted with Christina Peyton on his recovery. It is truly amazing to see this new photo of him. He looks so happy. The terror in his eyes are gone and I am truly thankful he is in good hands. Thank you so much to this rescue!! You will forever be in my hearts..Along with Brady.

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