Texas Rescue Dog Makes It Big!

28 April 2013


Remember Chester, the adorable black dog, at the Wise County shelter? Day after day, week after week, month after month passed, and there he sat at the shelter until he hit the kill list. Volunteers saved him by taking him to boarding because they KNEW somewhere, there was a home that would need the love of this dear fella! Who knew it would mean a relocation for him to a rescue in NY?! On his first day in town, he was already meeting celebrities, because you know, he’s quite the celebrity himself! And then Chester’s Forever Mom found him. Doesn’t his story make your heart swell with joy?! There is a home for homeless pets, they just need the loving dedication and time that comes when volunteers refuse to give up and work to find a solution!

Thanks to Pitty Maven for sharing this wonderful update on Pawsitively Texas and to Sara Davis, Michelle Cook, and Helping Hounds Rescue (NY) for making this story possible! Happy new life, Chester! And click here to share your story with Pawsitively Texas!

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Rescue Dog Saved from Shelter kill list and Adopted

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