Some Things You May Have Missed! April 7, 2011

Things tend to move quite fast on Facebook, so I thought it would be helpful to include a list of things you may have missed this week! The underlined text below are links to the story; some will open in a new browser window.

Tracking Pet Abuse Offenders – what and why you should know.

Scammers try to cash in on Patrick the Miracle Dog – and the compassionate people that love him.

Love is in the air – a spay/neuter message for you to share!

Norah the stray dog and her nine pups – a very moving story of a stray dog and the people who would not give up on her!

Late one evening this week, we posted Reuben’s story and by the next morning, he had been adopted! Networking saves lives! Photo of Rueben a pet adoption success

Big Boy, a sweet Husky was networked and adopted by a Rancher; he now has six acres to call home, and a new Dad that understands he needs patient as he adjusts to his new family!

Big Boy the Husky Dog Got Adopted photo

Big Boy, a Husky in need, Got adopted photo

Shannon took a moment to encourage all of us who network on Facebook/PawsTexas!
A photo of a positive comment left on our Facebook networking page

Sadly, we learned Tuesday that Rusty passed away. An older little fella, Rusty first captured our hearts with his story of rescue need at TLAC and networkers got to work. A Dallas based rescue saved him, and transporters got him to Dallas. And we celebrated that one more made it! He died a few days later of a heart attack, in the arms of his foster mom. Photo of Rusty a chiweenie rescued from TLAC

We learned Tuesday evening that all the dogs and cats on the kill list had been saved! ACO Joe posted this great update!Carrollton ACO Joe's update about the pets on the kill list

Please let me know what you think about snapshot updates like this!


  1. I love this idea! I get very wrapped up in stories and then often don’t know what happened. Like I am still wondering whatever happened with Breeze. And I can’t remember if this is the site that had the marine who wanted to give up his dog because he was being deployed and many of us tried to persuade him to at least take the listing off of craigslist. I need updates and resolutions! And hopefully happy endings!

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