May 4, 2012

I need a Dallas area 501(c)(3) rescue to help keep a family together. They love their dogs, but were ready to surrender them because financially, they have been having a hard time caring for them. We can’t judge, love knows no financial boundaries, and the economy has been rough on so very many! So, let’s work to find a solution to keep this family together and what would be ‘two owner surrenders’ (almost always a kill sentence in crowded kill shelters).

The Situation:

C.C. contacted me via private message with this request: “Looking for help. I have two dogs that need to get a new home. We arent able to care for them properly anymore. They dont get the attention and things they need as much anymore. We are struggling financially which has made it diffulcult to take care of the dogs as they have gotten fleas and i’ve had to keep them outside because I have a baby. I’ve tried treating them and I cant get rid of them and it’s been very hard to come to the conclusion that I cannot keep them. My older dog has also been limping around like she has hurt herself. I feel like a bad dog mommy and want them to have a good home. I dont want to take them to the Mesquite shelter near us because I dont want them to be killed. Can you help me? I have an 8 year old border collie mix and 3 year old sheltie/collie mix.”

My reply:

“Hi C.C., can you keep the pets if you have help to care for them? If so, I think we can possibly find help. If not post a photo on the wall, along with as much information about them (if spayed/neutered, current on vaccinations, temperaments, etc.) and we’ll help network them. Owner surrenders in crowded kill shelters are often killed immediately upon surrender; I don’t mean to alarm you, but that is a fact that not many people realize. Mesquite is a kill shelter – and I almost never see anyone network their pets. If you want to keep your dogs, I think we should work to find someone that can treat your home for the fleas (I had to do this once, you kill the fleas on the dogs and also in the home/yard) and possibly some food. We’d rather see a family stay together and often have success finding help to keep pets out of kill shelters.

CC’s Reply:

“Hello. Thanks for the response. I think we could manage to keep them if I can get help with the fleas and have my 8 year old dogs leg looked at and have her hair trimmed down for summer. I can’t afford the vet bill. She doesn’t wine about it, it doesn’t feel swollen,and I felt all over it and she didn’t fuss. It’s been that way for weeks and she still not putting much weight on it. They are eating fine…its just the leg and fleas. Once that is treated they can be more part of family and my son can play in the yard. Just wasn’t sure what to do. We’ve fogged the house several times…and tried treating the yard and dogs.”

The Need:

If I can find a Dallas area 501(c)(3) rescue to help, we can raise the funds needed for a professional pest treatment, vet visits for the pets at a low-cost clinic, and the trim. Our community is a passionate group and I’m believing we can raise the funds needed and possibly find someone (who do you know) that might be willing to do a treatment for a reduced rate – or in exchange for some good PR as I’ll promote them for their help. Who’s willing to help keep this family together? If you can help, please send me an email using this form; click here.

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